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Mission Impossible: Fallout

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Mission Impossible: Fallout Trailer- Twitter Raves For Henry Cavill’s Intro

Still of Henry Cavill from Mission Impossible Fallout

Mission Impossible: Fallout Trailer- Twitter Raves For Henry Cavill’s Intro

Paramount Pictures chose the highly popular Super Bowl LII this weekend to show off the first full trailer for the upcoming movie Mission Impossible: Fallout. The new trailer shows Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) performing death-defying stunts, jumping onto a flying helicopter, chasing motorcycle, rock climbing, swinging from ropes and roof-hopping. So, all in all, the new trailer shows everything that fans can expect from a Mission: Impossible sequel movie. You can take a look at the trailer below.

Mission Impossible: Fallout made it to the headlines last year when Tom Cruise got an ankle injury while performing a chase scene in August 2017. He broke his ankle after falling short and slamming into a wall while leaping across a building gap. The injury was enough for Paramount Pictures to halt the film’s production work temporarily.

As Cruise didn’t want to reshoot the chase scene again, film director Christopher McQuarrie and the rest of the team decided to keep the original scene in the final cut. If watched closely, viewers can actually see Cruise break his ankle in the trailer, specifically at 2 minutes 11 seconds.

In an interview on The Graham Norton Show, Cruise mentioned that the shot of his injury is actually in the movie. “I didn’t want to do [the jump] again,” the actor said. “I knew instantly it was broken. I just went, ‘Ugh.’ [I] run past camera. We got the shot; it’s in the movie. That profile shot – both those shots are in the movie.”

The trailer has also got social media raving thanks to Henry Cavill. the actor gets mere seconds of appearance in the trailer but has managed to steal the spotlight at 1:40 by throwing some stunning Superman punches. The DC community has also responded to the controversial mustache.  Check out fans’ reaction to the action sequence below.

Mission Impossible: Fallout is the sixth installment in the long-running Mission: Impossible franchise. The film stars Tom Cruise reprising the role of IMF Agent Ethan Hunt alongside Rebecca Ferguson, Angela Bassett, Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames, Alec Baldwin, Sean Harris, Vanessa Kirby and Henry Cavill. Mission Impossible: Fallout is scheduled to hit theater screens on July 27.

What do you think about the Mission Impossible: Fallout trailer? Let us know in comments below.

Source: Paramount Pictures




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