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Mission: Impossible — Fallout

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Mission: Impossible — Fallout: Watch Tom Cruise’ Helicopter Stunt In 360 Degree On VR

Still from Mission: Impossible — Fallout Trailer/ Paramount Pictures

Mission: Impossible — Fallout: Watch Tom Cruise’ Helicopter Stunt In 360 Degree On VR

This weekend, fans will once again get to see Tom Cruise pull off amazing stunts in Mission: Impossible — Fallout. Though the 56-year-old actor has performed various death-defying stunts in past films from the franchise, the upcoming movie will give the audience an experience that cannot be found in any other movies thanks to Cruise’ willingness to push his limits.

The Mission: Impossible — Fallout trailers have already given fans a glimpse of Cruise death-defying stunts. One of the scene that stands out is a shot of Cruise flying a helicopter.

The entire stunt sequence was filmed with Cruise piloting the helicopter by himself. The actor worked around the clock to attain 2000 in-flight hours before performing the helicopter scenes.

Special camera rigs were created just for the scene so the crew could mount them inside the helicopter. The sequence itself was shot in a way to emphasize that Cruise was piloting the aircraft. Moreover, the film crew also installed 360-degree cameras showing the entire sequence of Cruise piloting the helicopter.

Recently, Paramount Pictures released a 3-minute 360-degree video of Cruise flying the helicopter. The behind-the-scenes video shows the entire process that went in to capture this stunt.

A 360 camera was also mounted on the helicopter which had Henry Cavill in character. The scene shows him shooting at Cruise’ Ethan Hunt.

There are also shots of Cruise hanging below the helicopter and receiving instruction from director Christopher McQuarrie. Fans can check out the entire video below and also can experience it on VR.

Earlier, the studio had also released a BTS video of the actor performing the HALO jump stunt. In other related news, Daily Mail has released a new clip from Mission: Impossible — Fallout featuring one of the stunts that made headline after Cruise broke his ankle performing it.

Mission: Impossible — Fallout will hit theaters this week on July 25 in the UK and July 27 in the US.

Source: Paramount Pictures




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