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Moon Knight Director relates Layla’s Egyptian superhero to his daughter in touching tribute

Moon Knight Director relates Layla’s Egyptian superhero to his daughter in touching tribute

Moon Knight Episode 6 packed quite the punch (literally) with Oscar Isaac’s Marc Spector and Steven Grant’s lovable performance but May Calamawy’s Layla transforming into an Egyptian superhero was arguably the highlight of the series. Since the finale’s release – Director Mohamed Diab has acknowledged the character’s growing influence among fans and in fact, he also shared a touching tribute linking Layla’s portrayal to his daughter.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Moon Knight Finale

Moon Knight’s last episode is already being hailed by many Marvel fans as the best finale for an MCU Disney Plus series. While Jake Lockley’s surprising introduction did wonders for the third act, it was Layla’s unexpected superhero arc that caught many viewers’ attention. Now, Diab has shared a touching memory of creating a character that represents Egyptians.

The director expressed how his daughter wanted to straighten her hair since she never saw a character that represented her features in the media. Fortunately, that changes with Layla, the first Egyptian superhero. Readers can check out his tweet below.

Support to see Moon Knight return for a season 2 has grown with LaylaElFaouly already trending on social media. What’s more, many are also advocating for a Layla spin-off, which could possibly explore her backstory in Madripoor and more.

Moon Knight, May Calamawy

May Calamawy’s Layla Scarlet Scarab

It should also be noted that the series ended with a cliffhanger for Lockley but Layla’s whereabouts are unclear since she’s not seen with Marc/Steven in London. Perhaps her crimefighting in Cairo, Egypt continues? One can only hope.

While Moon Knight Finale shows Layla taking on the mantle as Scarlet Scarab, she also says becoming Tawaeret’s Avatar is temporary. It’s unclear what Marvel has planned for the new superhero but there are no doubt fans would jump at the opportunity to see her on-screen return, maybe even alongside other fan-favorite female characters like Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Ring‘s star Meng’er Zhang, who plays Shang-Chi’s sister Xialing.

Moon Knight series is fully available to stream on Disney Plus.




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