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Moon Knight Episode 2 addresses Arthur Harrow’s connection to Khonshu

Moon Knight Episode 2 addresses Arthur Harrow’s connection to Khonshu

The backstory of Ethan Hawke’s Arthur Harrow remained a bit of a mystery but Moon Knight episode 2 offers some answers as to his connection with the Egyptian pantheon. In addition, the latest episode from the Disney Plus MCU series reveals his past affiliation or better put, allegiance to another Egyptian deity.

Warning: The article contains major spoilers to Moon Knight Episode 2

Moon Knight Episode 2 sees the innocent gift shop worker Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac) face more chaos as Harrow corners him once again in search of the Egyptian amulet scarab. However, their interaction uncovers more truth behind the Ammit worshipping cult leader’s agenda. In fact, he also knew Khonshu and once had the privilege of seeing him.

Harrow reveals to Steven that he was Khonshu’s former Avatar serving as the god’s “fist of vengeance”. Though Harrow no longer trusts in the “God of the Moon” nor in his ability to punish injustice. That explains his newfound loyalty to, as Steven puts it, “a weird crocodile lady”. This revelation does question if Harrow also donned the ancient robe as Khonshu’s avatar. Perhaps, the series might address it in later episodes? Time will tell.

Khonshu doesn’t seem too fond of Harrow, even throwing a tantrum while asking Steven to kill him. Yet it seems the deity has no power in the physical world aside from acting out his will through Marc Spector or his alternate personality. Added, Steven’s manifestation of the god’s avatar takes the form of Mr. Knight, the dapper-looking formal-suited hero.

Meanwhile, episode 2 reveals the mysterious woman who knew Steven Grant’s alternate personality in the debut episode. Surprisingly, May Calamawy’s Layla also happens to be Marc’s wife and knows about his suit summoning abilities as well. Khonshu also has his eyes on her as a replacement if Marc fails to complete his task.

With Harrow getting his hands on scarab, episode 2’s ending teases Marc’s fight against Ammit’s followers in Egypt. Moon Knight episode 3 will arrive next Wednesday on Disney Plus.




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