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Moon Knight Episode 4 confusing ending prompts hilarious fan reactions, teases Jake Lockley’s identity & more

Moon Knight Episode 4 confusing ending prompts hilarious fan reactions, teases Jake Lockley’s identity & more

Moon Knight episode 4 has entered a whole new level of weird after a bizarre plot twist has Oscar Isaac’s Marc Spector/Steven Grant confronting a scary new challenge. Though that also includes facing a hippo-faced Egyptian goddess resembling Taweret (that only manages to scare the bejesus out of them).

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Moon Knight Episode 4

The last time Marvel fans were left this bewildered watching a miniseries was arguably during FX’s Legion, with its mind-bending sequences set in a mental institution. Similarly, Moon Knight Episode 4 takes Marc to a daydreamlike world where he’s heavily drugged and restrained, facing Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) as his patient. Though he initially questions his reality, Marc is convinced his Steven alter-ego wasn’t an illusion after releasing him from a sarcophagus.

While Marc and Steven fail to unearth what lies in the sarcophagus from the next room, it’s a clear hint confirming a third personality’s existence. In fact, Many Marvel fans are already rejoicing the third alter is none other than Jake Lockley. The character’s deadly traits were teased in Moon Knight episode 3 after Marc woke up to a blood-soaked fist fight.

Meanwhile, the first half of Moon Knight episode 4 explored a wholesome new bond between Steven and May Calamawy’s Layla. However, Marc isn’t very fond of Steven’s love for his wife. The hilarious rift over Layla and their relationship with each other has prompted new memes from MCU fans. Readers can check it out below.

Did Marc and Steven just do a Spider-Man meme reference?

Episode 4 also addresses an important arc shared between Marc and Layla. Surprisingly, it’s Harrow who reveals Marc’s encounter with Layla’s father as well as his involvement in the murder. Although he isn’t responsible for his death, Marc is still implicated in Layla’s eyes. Additionally, Marc also reveals he was killed by his partner for interfering in the act. This could be where Marc met Khonshu and earned his resurrection for serving as his avatar. But the series is yet to address what caused Marc’s dissociative identity disorder.

On a brighter note, Moon Knight offered a light-hearted historical distortion in revealing Alexander The Great as the voice of Ammit.  Episode 1′ referenced to the Armenian genocide was.

Moon Knight Episode 5 will release next Wednesday on Disney Plus.




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