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Moon Knight episode 5

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Moon Knight Episode 5 gets MCU fans emotional over Marc and Steven’s origin story, childhood trauma & more

Moon Knight Episode 5 gets MCU fans emotional over Marc and Steven’s origin story, childhood trauma & more

Moon Knight Episode 5 titled Asylum has MCU fans reaching for their tissues as the Marvel Studios’ Disney Plus series goes in-depth into Marc and Steven’s (Oscar Isaac) fragile minds. The latest episode takes off right where the previous episode left, with the two alters yelling their guts out after coming across a mysterious Egyptian hippopotamus. Turns out, it’s in fact the Taweret, Goddess of woman and children, and she’s guiding them to their, well, the last journey.

Warning: The article contains major spoilers to Moon Knight Episode 5

Moon Knight Episode 5 is an emotional roller coaster unpacking Marc Spector’s childhood trauma and the incidents which inevitably led to his dissociative identity disorder. Marc Spector and Steven Grant, though they seem to be in a mental asylum are rather on their journey to Duat, the Egyptian underworld.

Taweret weighs both their hearts on the Scales of Justice and feather of truth to decide if the souls can be permitted to pass the Field of Reeds or get thrown into Duat and remain frozen in the sand. However, the incompleteness of their hearts puts the two on a mission to uncover each other’s truth (Steven, mostly).

Steven deserves to go the Field of Reeds, tweeted one Moon Knight fan

Unfortunately, after a series of scarring reveals from Marc’s memories and learning about the death of his brother, Steven faces the truth that his alter-ego was created by Marc to save him from his mother’s abuse. Furthermore, Marc’s reluctance to revisit his past agony has him questioning his sanity, throwing him back to the dimension where Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) is his psychiatrist.

If this wasn’t enough to have fans reaching out to their therapists, the ending moment shows Steven fall off the boat after helping Marc and slowly freezing away. Whereas Marc is taken to what seems like the gates where the God Osiris resides. And clearly, fans weren’t ready to bid their farewell to Steven so quickly, especially after learning about his disturbing origin. Many are also praising Isaac’s performance playing two alters. Readers can check out reactions below.

James Gunn spoke highly of writing the “worst father” character for Peacemaker so maybe Moon Knight writer definitely deserves an award for penning the worst mother character of MCU.

Hands down, one of the best superhero origin stories in MCU.

It should be noted that Moon Knight’s arc in the comics does eventually show Marc Spector, Steven Grant and Jake Lockley coming to terms with their different personalities existing in one body.  So it’s unlikely the series axed off the fun enigmatic ex-gift shop employee so quickly. Moreover, the third personality still remains locked and one can only wonder how his identity came forth.

Moon Knight episode 6 will stream next Wednesday on Disney Plus




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