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Morbius sweep trends as Marvel fans troll Jared Leto starrer with fake RT score & more

Morbius sweep trends as Marvel fans troll Jared Leto starrer with fake RT score & more

It’s not looking good for Morbius, even by a long shot for Sony’s latest Marvel title featuring Jared Leto in the titular role. The film set in the Spider-Man Universe has been facing harsh criticism ever since the early disappointing reviews killed expectations. Additionally, the film’s release scheduled on April fool’s day hasn’t helped either as fan reactions are already trolling it with fake Rotten Tomato scores and memes mockingly comparing the film to acclaimed titles such as Spider-Man No Way Home and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Reviews for Morbius are already trashing the movie as the worst Marvel title from Sony. Furthermore, director Daniel Espinosa added more fuel to the fire by spoiling the film’s major reveal involving Michael Keaton’s Vulture. So anyone wondering what caused the film’s downfall, well social media has all the proof.

Morbius’s reactions from audiences are mocking it as the best film in the Spider-Man universe so far. Some even went to the length of editing the Rotten Tomatoes score with bizarre numbers. Readers can check out reactions below.

While Morbius critics’ score is rotten standing at 13%, the audience score on RT currently sits at 64% from 500+ verified ratings so far. It’s likely to go down, going by social media’s poor audience approval rate. In fact, 2018’s Venom from Ruben Fleischer also received a rotten score though its audience rate stands high at 81%. Venom: Let There Be Carnage currently stands top, critically, in comparison to Sony’s recent Marvel movies.

Several elements like Easter eggs connecting to Spider-Man were showcased in the trailer but were later removed to avoid confusing audiences over which universe these characters exist in. Furthermore, Keaton’s screen time was also reportedly cut down so all in all, the promos have baited audiences with a different vision.

It’s been rumored Sony plans to establish the Sinister Six with Morbius and Vulture among them. If true, it will be the first villain ensemble to face off Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. Yet Morbius’ dead-on-arrival status could impact Sony’s potential ideas for a big antagonist set-up.

Morbius is currently in theatres.




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