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‘most anti-Oliver Queen thing’: Stephen Amell not supporting SAG-AFTRA strike sparks backlash, Arrow actor reportedly broke Actors strike rules, The Flash co-star & more pushback

‘most anti-Oliver Queen thing’: Stephen Amell not supporting SAG-AFTRA strike sparks backlash, Arrow actor reportedly broke Actors strike rules, The Flash co-star & more pushback

Stephen Amell has failed his union – that is the sentiment from fans on social media since the Arrow star revealed he does not support the Actors Strike. Moreover, the DCTV actor appears to have also broken SAG-AFTRA’s striking rules going by a video clip that shows him discussing The CW show at Montreal Comic-Con on July 15.

Arrow series stans are convinced the titular star of the show does not align with the ideals of the DC Universe character he portrayed for 8 years. Stephen Amell made a career in Hollywood after his breakout role in the DCTV show – which explored Oliver Queen as a vigilante, the Emerald Archer fighting the corrupt & criminals posing a threat to Starling City. However, Amell’s fanbase is in disbelief over his pushback against the ongoing Actors strike over fair pay, better-streaming residuals and protection from A.I.

UPDATE: Amell has clarified his statement on the strike in an Instagram post

Stephen addressed his thoughts on the SAG-AFTRA strike at Raleigh’s GalaxyCon and while he initially began by saying, “I support my union, I do, and I stand with them” he also added, “But I do not support striking. I don’t. I think that it is a reductive negotiating tactic, and I find the entire thing incredibly frustrating. I think that the thinking as it pertains to shows — like this show that I’m on that premiered last night — I think it is myopic, and I stand with my union.”

SAG-AFTRA union actor says Stephen Amell broke strike rules

The Arrow actor’s comment drew widespread criticism and even co-stars from The CW show like actor Kirk Acevedo had an extreme reaction on Twitter, “This f*cking guy”. The Flash actor Matt Letscher, known for portraying Eobard Thawne also pushed back, “Still waiting on that comprehensive list of totally non-reductive negotiating tactics we get to employ now. Thank god for superheroes! Any second now.”


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Speaking of The Flash, many shared stills of Grant Gustin participating in the picket lines for Writers Guild on Strike to criticize Amell for not doing the same. While the ongoing widespread backlash might not seem like a big concern – some took issue with Stephen Amell discussing his Green Arrow role at Montreal Comic-Con, just days after SAG-AFTRA had announced the strike.

Actors are not allowed to discuss projects produced by studios under AMPTP nor promote them during the ongoing strike. It was in fact a SAG-AFTRA actor Janine Granda who brought to notice that Amell did discuss his role on The CW series.’ Readers can check it out below.

Amell also references his upcoming series, Starz’s Heels season 2 which is being seen as a promo effort too. The guidelines also state, “They [actors] are also not allowed to attend conventions such as Comic-Con to promote any past or present work made under a SAG-AFTRA contract.”

Stephen has not responded to the barrage of backlash so far. Nevertheless, fans are using Green Arrow’s iconic dialogue, “You have failed this city” to mock him, as even insider CWGST added, “Stephen Amell… you have FAILED this union.”

More projects are being sidelined or pushed back due to the ongoing double strike in Hollywood. Recently, Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse was also delayed indefinitely due to the disruption from the SAG-AFTRA strike.

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