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‘It’ Movie Review: A Horror Flick Rightly Done With Humor & Creepiness

Still of Pennywise from It/Courtesy to Warner Bros.

‘It’ Movie Review: A Horror Flick Rightly Done With Humor & Creepiness

Before entering the theatres to experience ‘It’ last night, my sibling casually decided to check the screen time of the horror flick. On knowing that the movie has a run time of 2hr and 15min, it was a convincing factor that the film would keep us engaged with more than just jump scares. Fortunately, we were right.

‘It’, a horror movie adapted from the novel written by Stephen King wasn’t entirely true to the book. Director Andy Muschetti did make a few plot changes which may or may not have displeased the book readers. However, it was certainly approved by King himself.

The horror flick is nothing like what the masses may have expected, especially those that are a fan of James Wan’s Conjuring and other titles such as Insidious and Annabelle.  But it is safe to say that the film creeps you in with utmost fear at unexpected moments right from the beginning.

Thank the Loser club for not drowning yourself in fear after watching ‘It’

‘It’ throws the audience into the gritty town of Derry, Maine. A place where kids unexpectedly begin disappearing and the adults don’t seem to notice the mysterious supernatural force that has a hand in it.

Fortunately, a bunch of kid’s a.k.a Loser club decide to investigate as they notice that they are the next target. But who could have expected the disappearances to be connected to a terrifying clown known as Pennywise?

‘It’ doesn’t have any jump scares that make you hop on to the next seat beside you. But it certainly has the right amount of creeping fear to give us Goosebumps and lurk fear by giving just a glimpse of Pennywise rushing towards his victim with his terrifying smile.

Finn Wolfhard’s humorous act makes you smile even at the scariest moments


Still of Finn Wolfhard as Richie in It

Fortunately, the horror flick surprises the audience with its unexpected humor from the Losers club. While every kid in the film deserves credit for making us smile through an R-Rated horror movie, Stranger Thing’s Finn Wolfhard (Plays as Richie) deserves quite the applause for his humorous performance.

There are times when the audience would, in fact, thank the Loser club for giving us a sigh of relief with their one-liners.

The film, in its own way, encourages Kids to stand up to bullies as a pack. Pennywise, in the movie, is also a bully who’s revealed to us in the form of a clown. The movie could have been a ‘must-watch’ for Kids under adult supervision if it wasn’t for its gruesome R-Rated gore (but without it, it ruins the fun for the adults).

At moments, the humorous, fun and entertaining bond amongst the Losers club also comes to doubt when Pennywise creeps in to instill more fear. But Sophia Lillis’s character (Plays as Beverly) is the anchor that brings the kid’s together.

Bill Skarsgård performance as the Pennywise was no less to the Kids. Moreover, his thrilling act as the terrifying clown is sure to open his opportunities in Hollywood. Compared to his roles in Allegiant and Atomic Blonde, the actor’s portrayal of the clown might as well land him another gig but would require him to wear a similar costume (The Joker origin film, anyone?)

I rate the film 9/10 

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