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My Adventures with Superman episode 10, General Zod, Brainiac, Jimmy Olsen

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My Adventures With Superman episode 10: fans react to Brainiac & General Zod reveal in finale, Jimmy Olsen is a millionaire recap & more: ‘can’t wait for season 2’

My Adventures With Superman episode 10: fans react to Brainiac & General Zod reveal in finale, Jimmy Olsen is a millionaire recap & more: ‘can’t wait for season 2’

From teasing General Zod to Brainiac in a wholesome Thanksgiving-themed finale, My Adventures With Superman episode 10 delivers a satisfying end to season 1 while still keeping the focus on Lois Lane and Clark Kent’s love life & their friendship dynamic with Jimmy Olsen in the mix. DCU fans on social media are already sounding off on the final episode and it’s fair to say the creators have been met with an overwhelming positive response. Here are the standout moments according to audiences who tuned in on the finale.

My Adventures With Superman finale is surprisingly not a lengthy episode as one would expect rather stick to the traditional 20-minute segment but this time, filled with revelations. The tightly packed episode 10 is all about Clark & the gang find out that the general behind Task Force X is none other than Lois’ father. Furthermore, the alien invasion on Zero Day is in fact from Krypton but rather led by General Zod & Brainiac.

Lastly, My Adventures With Superman episode 10 also introduces Kryptonite as Clark’s main weakness but that may apply to Krypton tech as well since Jimmy manages to destroy the androids by just exposing a piece of the green stone. One other disclosure that goes unaddressed is Jor-El uttering “My son” to Superman during the climax but we won’t be learning of the Last son of Krypton’s reaction to the revelation until season 2 arrives.

It’s fair to say My Adventures With Superman season 2 will feature Brainiac as the main villain alongside Zod. Though it remains unclear if Krypton has really fallen – the true enemy of planet Earth is Brainiac pulling the strings of a technologically advanced civilization like Krypton.

The clever creative decisions in My Adventures With Superman series have led to divisions among fans, especially Deathstroke’s anime-esque character design. Moreover, Clark Kent’s origin arc also has major changes such as his interactions with his biological parent. Similarly, Jimmy Olsen’s arc also has a major twist.

In the final minutes of My Adventures With Superman episode 10, Lois Lane, Clark & the Kents sit down for their Thanksgiving dinner after putting an end to the world-ending threat. At the dinner table, Jimmy Olsen makes the surprising revelation that he sold Flamebird to the Daily Planet for $5.6 million dollar, “I’m super rich now”.

So Jimmy is a millionaire in My Adventures With Superman – an interesting yet major change to the supporting character. Looks like the Daily Planet reporter/photographer will no longer need to work for a paycheck to make ends meet. It will be a curious addition to see how it could impact their dynamic.

The demand for season 2 is all over social media and while DC Studios is yet to make an announcement – the series co-producer confirmed to Superman Homepage the follow-up is in the works and would have a similar 10-episode format. “There’s so much stuff in Season 2 that I think is gonna blow people’s minds. So yeah, just stay tuned, keep watching.”

The creators behind the series such as animators to writers have also responded to the wave of acclaimed reactions from audiences. Readers can check it out below.

My Adventures with Superman is available to stream on Max.

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