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Netflix’s Altered Carbon Season 2 Filming Begins In February Under Working Title ‘Sleeves’, Locations Revealed

Still from Netflix's Altered Carbon Season 1

Netflix’s Altered Carbon Season 2 Filming Begins In February Under Working Title ‘Sleeves’, Locations Revealed

Netflix’s dystopian sci-fi series Altered Carbon has turned out to be one of the most sought-after shows by people across the world. The Cyberpunk series landed the runner-up for being 2018’s most searched TV show title according to Google Trends.

The show is likely to be receiving more hits on Google due to fans that are desperately waiting to know when the series would return with Season 2. Though a release date or an episode count hasn’t been announced yet, it seems like Altered Carbon season 2 will begin production early next year.

According to a report coming off from Production Weekly’s recent listing, the creators will start rolling the cameras on February 5 under the working title ‘Sleeves’, a word commonly used in the show for referring to a human body.

The listing also says that Altered Carbon Season 2 is expected to be filmed in Vancouver and Surrey. Filming will go on for a period of four months and will wrap on June 25.

Season 1 was also filmed in Vancouver at the Skydance Studios and for over eight months in the city. From the looks of it, Season 2 would be wrapping production quicker than the time taken to produce Season 1.

Since Altered Carbon largely centers over the concept of mind being uploaded into sleeves (bodies) of different ages, gender or races, it leaves the creators with options of re-casting. And In season 2, fans will see lead character Takeshi Kovacs played by Anthony Mackie.

Joel Kinnaman played the character in season 1 but was only signed on for one year and the actor announced his departure back in February. No other casting announcements have been made yet.

Laeta Kalogridis is returning as the co-showrunner with Alison Schapker for season 2.

There’s nothing we know regarding Altered Carbon Season 2’s story. There was the question if the upcoming season 2 could be based on Richard K. Morgan’s second book, “Broken Angels”. But in an earlier interview with Kalogridis for Indiewire, the showrunner stated why it’s not a likely possibility.

As I’ve mentioned to Richard, the second book is a little expensive. It’s a giant interstellar war with a huge ship full of aliens. He wrote the second book like it was a $300 million, two-hour feature,” said Kalogridis.

Source: Production Weekly




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