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New Aquaman International Promo Shows Glimpse Of Arthur & King Orm’s Gladiator Arena Fight

screenshot from Aquaman trailer

New Aquaman International Promo Shows Glimpse Of Arthur & King Orm’s Gladiator Arena Fight

There’s already a lot of buzz surrounding the Aquaman movie which is quickly inching closer to its release. Warner Bros and DC Films have released a new Aquaman international trailer that shows a sneak peek at Arthur Curry’s (Jason Momoa) faceoff with King Orm (Patrick Wilson).

The new promo opens with Arthur donning the iconic orange and green Aquaman costume and shows him battling an enemy on a ship. It also shows the DC underwater superhero’s showdown with his half-brother King Orm aka Ocean Master as Orm wants to declare war on the surface world for polluting the Seven Seas. You can check out the new promo below.

A new document from the film distribution company, Vertical Entertainment, recently popped up online revealing that James Wan’s anticipated Aquaman movie will have a runtime of 143 minutes, which translates to 2 hours and 23 minutes. It also lists basic information about the film, including the studio, the format, and runtime, as well as director and cast information.

If this runtime turns out to be legitimate, then Aquaman will be the third longest movie in the entire DC Extended Universe, following Wonder Woman with a runtime of two hours and twenty-nine minutes, and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice with a runtime of three hours and three minutes. It’s best to treat this information as a rumor until the runtime is officially confirmed.

Recent reviews from the movie’s early screening have been positive. Due to which, it has been suggested that the DC film’s embargo could be lifted earlier than expected.

Aquaman will tell the origin story of Arthur Curry who was born to a lighthouse keeper named, Tom Curry, and Queen of the Atlantis world, Atlanna. Arthur, who gets abandoned by his mother, will have a tough time trying to juggle between the surface world and the sea world with which he shares a special connection. He will eventually go on to fight with his half-brother King Orm over leadership of Atlantis.

Aquaman opens in theaters on Dec. 21, 2018.

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