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New Aquaman Promo Banner Features Jason Momoa In Classic Comic Book Suit

New Aquaman Promo Banner Features Jason Momoa In Classic Comic Book Suit

After revealing the first Aquaman trailer at San Diego Comic Con 2018, Warner Bros. and DC Films have started promoting the film actively. The upcoming film is quite important for the film studio as it is the only DC film lined up for release this year.

A new Aquaman promotional banner has appeared online that features Jason Momoa’s titular character donning the classic orange and green scaled comic book costume with his gold armor and green gloves and wielding his trademark trident. The banner has the film’s title placed in the center with the DC superhero posing on the left end.

You can check out the banner below.

Recently, a new statue popped up on Reddit with Momoa dressed in the classic orange and green scaled costume and holding his trademark trident. Looking at the statue, it seems the half-human, half-Atlantean Arthur Curry’s superhero costume has been taken straight from the pages of the comic book.

Notably, director James Wan has already confirmed that the Atlantean superhero’s look in the upcoming film is strongly influenced by Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis’ run on the character at the start of DC’s New 52.

During a recent interview with Yahoo!, Wan offered some insight about the film’s main antagonist Orm, played by Patrick Wilson. He explained that the Atlantis king Orm blames the surface dwellers for ruining and polluting the Seven Seas. So, he wants to rage a war against them in the movie.

DC and Harper Collins have reportedly joined hands to roll out an Aquaman prequel novel titled Aquaman: Undertow which will center on the adventures of a teenaged Arthur Curry as well as Aquaman: Arthur’s Guide to Atlantis pictorial guide to offer more information about the mythical city of Atlantis.

Aquaman will make its way to the theaters on December 21, 2018.

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