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New Hellboy Movie: Sasha Lane Confirms Alice Monaghan Won’t Be A Love Interest

Hellboy poster from NYCC cropped

New Hellboy Movie: Sasha Lane Confirms Alice Monaghan Won’t Be A Love Interest

It looks like the upcoming new Hellboy movie has made certain changes story wise that would separate it from the previous films directed by Guillermo del Toro. For starters, it was confirmed by Mike Mignola that the reboot movie won’t be a traditional origin story but instead jumps in the middle. Well, that certainly won’t be the only changes made in the movie.

After the Hellboy NYCC panel, the movie’s cast discussed about their role and shared some details related to the plot. Actress Sasha Lane who plays as Alice Monaghan revealed what she loved about playing the character.

I love that she is not the love interest in this film. She is just her own person and she is strong and also between her and Hellboy they kinda give each other something that says ‘You’re not alone and we can do this’,” said Lane.  “I feel like it’s something my sisters can watch and I feel proud that my sister is watching a character like Alice.”

You can check it out in the interview below.

Since the moment Lane was cast to play as Alice, it was presumed that she would play the love interest in the movie. Even in Mignola’s continuity of the comic series’ Monaghan and Hellboy fall in love as they travel the countryside together.

From the looks of it, the movie might give a hint of a growing bond between the two. ComingSoon.Net, who was present during the screening of the 2-minute trailer released a description of the trailer and there seems to be a moment when “We see Alice looking sweetly at Hellboy, establishing the romantic connection between the two. There’s a beauty shot where Hellboy takes his big gun out of its case to show Alice.”

So it seems like a “romantic connection” could be explored in a possible sequel.

Hellboy hits theatres on April 12, 2019.




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