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New Justice League Trailer Screened At An Industry Event, Details

Still of The Batman from Justice League

New Justice League Trailer Screened At An Industry Event, Details

Earlier this month, rumors suggested that the final Justice League trailer would be screened at New York Comic-Con which takes place at the first week of this October. It looks like the news could be true going by a recent report.

Earlier last night, Warner Bros. screened a new Justice League trailer at the National Association of Theatre Owners Fall Summit. Regal Cinemas’ VP, Chris Sylvia who’s known for being active on Twitter was also present at the Industry event and witnessed the screening.

Hat tip to Batman-News for spotting the tweets from Sylvia. The Regal Cinemas VP revealed that Geoff Johns, who took the stage at the event, closed the show by unveiling the new Justice League trailer. Fans can check out his tweets below.

Going by the news, it is likely that Warner Bros. would unveil its next trailer (supposedly final) at NYCC and also release it online for the masses similar to how the previous trailers were released. But if there’s a possibility where the studio doesn’t plan on releasing at Comic-Con, we can still remain assured that the trailer is ready for a public release.

A recent press release containing details about DC’s schedule for NYCC confirmed that Warner Bros. is going big with Justice League’s presence at the event. But, the cast members are still yet to confirm their presence.

Warner Bros. has also been conducting some early screenings for Justice League. It looks like the studio is close to completing their works with the final cut.

Justice League hits theatres on November 16th this year. A recent report has also revealed the release date of the film’s Blu-ray (Currently available for pre-order).

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