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‘Nightwing’ Director Chris McKay Teases Casting Announcement Details

Nightwing from DC Comics

‘Nightwing’ Director Chris McKay Teases Casting Announcement Details

There has been very little information from Warner Bros. on the Nightwing movie. Director Chris McKay has revealed that a major announcement regarding the films cast will be made sometime in February 2018.

The DCEU will soon have its official Dick Grayson/Nightwing if we are to go with what Chris McKay has to say. It all started when a fan tweeted along with a Nightwing logo, “Retweet this if you are excited for @buddboetticher #NIGHTWING .” McKay replied he was excited and asked if he could retweet. Another fan replied that he could if he revealed details of the casting information. The director then replied, “I would expect to be able to tell you more concrete info on our movies progress around February.” You can check out the detailed tweet below.

It must be recalled here that McKay had confirmed last month that the casting for the film is yet to begin.

McKay made his debut as a feature film director earlier this year with The Lego Batman Movie. This animated DC film earned him a “Certified Fresh” seal of approval and 91% score on Rotten Tomatoes. The film was greeted with praises and accolades from both critics and fans.

About Nightwing
Nightwing, as per the comics is the alter ego of Dick Grayson, who steps out from under the shadows of Batman to discover and form his own identity as a superhero. Nightwing has similar abilities as Batman, but his social skills make him a more positive character.

Dick Grayson aka Nightwing is one of the oldest superhero character in the DC Universe. Since this character has been around for a very long time, he has earned himself a devoted fan following who are very keen to protect him and the character.

Nightwing is such a popular character that even though his death was planned in 2005, the idea had to be thrown aside out of fear of fans angry reactions.

Check out Chris McKay’s tweet teasing casting details:

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