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‘Not a 100% reboot’: Critics tease DC Studios announcement from James Gunn, when to expect, fans react to upcoming public reveal

‘Not a 100% reboot’: Critics tease DC Studios announcement from James Gunn, when to expect, fans react to upcoming public reveal

Warner Bros. Pictures’ DC Studios is officially hours away from addressing its first slate of DC Films & potential series announcements crafted by James Gunn & Peter Safran. While WB is yet to unveil his roadmap to the masses – journalists and critics on Monday were invited to a private press event and were presented with the first chapter of DCU.

According to the breadcrumb info from movie pundit Grace Randolph, the DCEU will not be fully rebooted but rather a substantial part of it. And thanks to Film reporters like Umberto Gonzalez, veteran Borys Kit and others, it came to fans’ notice that insiders were at the Warner Bros. lot and are currently on an embargo from discussing the DCU slate.

It has been confirmed that DC Studios’ revamped universe would be shared at 12 PM EST when the embargo lifts. And going by rumors, the reveal would address more than “3-4 movies” as stated by insider Superman on Film, with some speculating that the entire first chapter or better put, Phase 1 could be showcased.

Is Swamp Thing confirmed for DCU?

Every insider and journalist that were part of the DC Studios event is in solidarity over respecting the embargo. However, one credible scooper dropped a cryptic tweet suggesting Swamp Thing is part of the DCU. Though it’s unclear if it would be a continuation of the 2019 series exec produced by James Wan.

The January 31st reveal from DC Studios might interest some of the Snyderverse fans as well, if Randolph’s tweets are believed, which state that James Gunn’s DCU has an “emphasis on mythos”. However, the fandom is also bracing for a backlash from the Snyder cut followers. Readers can check out reactions below.

When to expect DC Studios announcement in India

DCEU fans in India anticipating the DC Studios plan can expect them via press releases or possibly a public conference at 10:30 PM IST or follow James Gunn on his social media handle (Twitter) to learn everything you need to know.

Meanwhile, fans of the Reevesverse can rest assured as several insiders have confirmed The Batman universe will remain a separate property. It’s likely that a search for a younger actor to play the Dark Knight for DCU could already be underway.




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