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One Punch Man: Fans Are Rooting For Garou As The Best Villain After Latest Episode

Garou from One Punch Man

One Punch Man: Fans Are Rooting For Garou As The Best Villain After Latest Episode

The latest episode from One Punch Man season 2 may have just come close to appealing to the fandom which was disappointed in the animation studio. The much-awaited battle between Garou and the eight A and B class heroes obviously turned out in the Monster Hunter’s favor but the episode still surprised viewers by upping its hand-to-hand fight scenes’ animation style and intensity.

The episode shows Garou take on Death Gatling, Stinger, Smile Man, Wildhorn, Megane, Chain’n’toad, Blam Blam and Shooter one by one and tricks each one of them to be used as either a human shield or a distraction to counter all their attacks and defeat them.

Unfortunately, Garou is close to losing his consciousness and fails to realize that Megane sent out an emergency message calling for help. It soon leads to Genos making a grand entrance–ready to test out of his upgraded Cyborg body on Monster Hunter.

The episode received a lot of praise from the fandom and it seems like Garou would go down as one of the best anime supervillains. Moreover, fans are also worried about Garou and seem to be cheering for his victory.

Clearly, the fanbase is amped for the next episode as this week’s cliffhanger left viewers wondering if Garou would manage to go past Silver Fang and his brother. Even so, the Monster Hunter is bruised up and close to exhaustion and still may end up fighting Genos in the end.

Worst-case scenario, it seems like Saitama is also on his way and slightly worried about Genos. Will Garou finally “meet Saitama”?. You can check fan reactions below.

One Punch Man season 2 is streaming on Hulu and viewers outside of the United States can catch it on Crunchyroll. Currently being helmed by Naruto Shippuden director Chikara Sakurai for the new production studio J.C. Staff.




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