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Oppenheimer wins big at Oscars 2024 while Barbie fans are dissapointed by Greta Gerwig’s snub, Ryan Gosling’s Ken performance steals spotlight & more

Oppenheimer wins big at Oscars 2024 while Barbie fans are dissapointed by Greta Gerwig’s snub, Ryan Gosling’s Ken performance steals spotlight & more

The Oscars 2024 has cemented the Barbenheimer impact on the world by awarding the Oppenheimer crew with the most Academy Awards while Barbie‘s cultural influence won over audiences’ hearts. Nonetheless, the snubs of the 96th Academy Award did not go unnoticed as well, particularly for fans of Martin Scorsese‘s Killers of the Flower Moon. Here’s a brief recap of the best moments from this year’s winners and losers.

The “War is Over” is currently a sentence trending on X (formerly Twitter), a celebratory term used by some Oppen fans over Cillian Murphy winning his first Oscar at the 96th Academy Awards. Coincidentally, it wasn’t just The Batman Begins actor’s first Oscar win but also RDJ’s and Christopher Nolan‘s. It should also be noted that an animation short titled War is Over also won in its category.

The Inception director’s acceptance speech was met with the crowd’s delightful roar of cheer. Similarly, Robert Downey Jr.‘s win was highly appreciated by fans, critics and fellow Hollywood stars. RDJ broke through Hollywood’s typecasting with a moving performance portraying Lewis Strauss in the biopic drama.

While Barbie failed to secure an Oscar in the 6 categories it was nominated for, the Greta Gerwig movie still made history. Thanks to Billie Eilish and Finneas O’Connell becoming the youngest Academy Award winners for the best song, “What Was I Made For?”, Barbie’s snub still ended on a good note.

Regarding History, Ryan Gosling‘s exhilarating “I’m Just Ken!” performance had the entire Oscars crowd channeling their kenergy, particularly Margot Robbie & Gerwig. the live streaming shocked fans all over the world when Musician Slash popped up on stage to play the guitar for “I’m Just Ken!”. Furthermore, the Barbie fans are also appreciative of the cultural phenomenon the movie turned out to be rather than fret over its snub.

On the topic of snub, moviegoers hoped to see Lily Gladstone win the Best Actress category for Killers of a Flower Moon. Surprisingly, Emma Stone ended up bagging the Academy Award for Poor Things. The 35-year-old, second-time Oscar winner also acknowledged she was caught off guard by the announcement since she expected Gladstone to emerge victorious.

On the topic of disappointment, the internet highlighted Bradley Cooper (nominated for Maestro) losing the Best Actor award to Murphy. With 12 nominations so far (Starting with his first nom in 2011’s Silver Linings Playbook), he remains one of Hollywood’s most nominated artists without a win.

Oppenheimer has come on top with 7 awards at the 96th Academy. The Best Picture win and directing category was certainly the cherry on top to compliment its huge box office success.




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