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Rebel Moon teaser trailer: Zack Snyder adds “final touches” to first promo, composer Junkie XL teases fans will get a taste of soundtrack soon: ‘Zacktivation incoming’

Rebel Moon teaser trailer: Zack Snyder adds “final touches” to first promo, composer Junkie XL teases fans will get a taste of soundtrack soon: ‘Zacktivation incoming’

The first teaser trailer for Zack Snyder‘s Rebel Moon is set to debut at Gamescom and fans are hyped by the choice of location with many speculating Netflix would also announce the planned video game based on the space opera. The notable DCEU film director is launching his IP for the streaming giant which is expected to be fleshed out with sequels and spin-offs.

Netflix will soon be going full swing with the Rebel Moon marketing and that begins with next week’s teaser trailer. On Tuesday, August 22 – Zack Snyder will unveil the debut teaser live at Games com (sources with knowledge of the Netflix film had informed PursueNews before of the teaser trailer’s launch).

From the looks of it, the teaser trailer in store this upcoming week is an extended version of the preview unveiled at the Netflix Tudum event. The spacecraft shown on Zack’s editing bay monitor is likely the ship used by The Imperium to arrive on the peaceful farm colony. It was revealed earlier by Snyder that Admiral Noble & his forces arrive on the colony seeking their resources to aid the empire’s ongoing war.

A few also noticed the color grading was comparatively better compared to the sneak peek shown at Tudum. Meanwhile, for fans who have been following Snyder since the Justice League era – Rebel Moon’s teaser reveals have invoked a nostalgic element reminding them of the promos released for the DCEU ensemble project.

One fan also hopes for character-centric teaser clips to be released before the teaser trailer’s debut. Speaking of audiences’ expectations, Netflix is yet to reveal the potential theatrical release window dates for the film. But considering the streamer is on board with Zack in releasing an R-rated edition for the film – there’s no doubt the space opera would land a short big-screen release but there’s also growing demand for IMAX screen release

Snyder stans are also expecting some form of an announcement on the Rebel Moon video game the director teased. It is unclear if Netflix would develop it as an RTS or RPG. Gamescom’s official X account has assured “a special announcement” so readers can expect to learn more information on the game title.

In more Rebel Moon news, some folks on social media were quizzing Tom Holkenborg (also goes by Junkie XL) for being silent throughout the film’s post-production process. He is the composer for Snyder’s sci-fi epic and while he’s yet to offer a taste of what is in store, the Zack Snyder’s Justice League composer teased, “Ooooh, you’ll see…”

Junkie XL has collaborated with Snyder since Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. This will be the fourth Snyder-directed project to be composed by Holkenborg and the second under Netflix after Army of the Dead.

Rebel Moon will be streamable on Netflix from December 22.




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