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Zack Snyder's Rebel Moon, Gamescom Opening Night Live, Netflix, Sofia Boutella, Kora

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Rebel Moon trailer live: where to watch Zack Snyder’s panel at Gamescom’s Opening Night Live event, Netflix releases 10 second promo on X teasing Nemesis’ double flaming sword wielded look & more

Rebel Moon trailer live: where to watch Zack Snyder’s panel at Gamescom’s Opening Night Live event, Netflix releases 10 second promo on X teasing Nemesis’ double flaming sword wielded look & more

Netflix will unveil Zack Snyder‘s Rebel Moon Part 1 teaser trailer at Gamescom tonight. And fans of the former DCEU director hoping to tune in on the panel need not fret as we bring you details on where & when to watch the live stream of the Opening Night Live event held in Cologne, Germany. The streaming giant offered a glimpse of what’s in store in June 2023 at Netflix Tudum.

Anticipation for the teaser trailer’s release has the sci-fi epic trending on Twitter/X. Speaking of which, the bell has been rung for Snyder’s Rebel Moon, literally, with Netflix promoting a brand new 10-second clip on X. It is a compilation of action-packed moments from the upcoming trailer.

UPDATE: The trailer has been released following the presentation at Gamescom

The streamer also released a 15-second clip of Kora (Sofia Boutella) sounding the alarm for what could be possibly over an incoming invasion from the Imperium on the peaceful farm colony. The footage ends with a note “teaser tomorrow” hyping fans for the upcoming full-length teaser.

The teaser trailer is expected to show glimpses of the action & drama that would unravel as Kora and her band of mercenaries make their stand against the most powerful authority in the universe, The Imperium led by Admiral Noble (Ed Skrein). The ragtag team includes powerhouse characters like Jimmy the sentient battle robot (voiced by Anthony Hopkins), Nemesis & General Titus (Djimon Hounsou) – the man leading the team after Kora bands them all together.

Interestingly enough, Nemesis is also shown in the brief promo. Although it’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment, she pulls out her two flaming swords, possibly preparing for a face-off against an enemy. There’s also a glimpse of what looks like a humongous flying creature and shots of the Imperium fighter spaceship exploding.

Where to Watch Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon panel at Gamescom Opening Night Live event

While it’s unclear how long Snyder’s panel for the space-opera flick would go on, it is expected to be among the first since Opening Night Live kicks off before the main event. The panel will be moderated by host Geoff Keighley who revealed Snyder will introduce “you to the world of Rebel Moon”.

The Rebel Moon’s Gamescom presentation will be available to watch for free on Youtube, Twitch and X(Twitter). Readers can switch on the notification on Youtube to be informed of the 60FPS livestream when it begins.

What time to watch the Rebel Moon presentation at Gamescom

The exact time frame for Zack’s discussion on his newly diesel-punk universe has not been revealed. But Snyder stans in North America (USA) can start watching the Opening Night Live stream at 11 am PDT. For Europe, it’s 8 pm CEST. If you’re in India, a conversion of PDT to IST reveals the stream begins at 11:30 pm but the above-mentioned platforms state it premieres at 10:30 PM in India.

It’s been teased Snyder and Netflix also have a special announcement aside from the teaser trailer reveal which explains why they choose a games fair exhibition. It’s long been known (thanks to Snyder) a video game was part of the plan too (if not already in the works).

The Rebel Moon universe will be established through animation shorts and prequels in the form of TV shows explaining details that are left out in the two-part film. The first film has reportedly titled A Child of Fire and the second part is called The Scargiver, releasing on April 2024.




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