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Ray Porter, Darkseid, Rebel Moon

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Rebel Moon: ZSJL’s Darkseid actor Ray Porter confirmed for Zack Snyder’s space fantasy movie for Netflix

Rebel Moon: ZSJL’s Darkseid actor Ray Porter confirmed for Zack Snyder’s space fantasy movie for Netflix

The voice actor behind DCEU’s Darkseid, Ray Porter is confirmed to have a part in Zack Snyder‘s Rebel Moon. Speculations of the ZSJL actor playing a role in the Netflix sci-fi feature rose in early January when he shared a picture wearing the film’s cast & crew jacket.

Darkseid’s voice in Zack Snyder’s Justice League has been one of the most appealing elements from the director’s cut for the Snyder fan community. Initially, there was hope to see Porter continue playing as the ruler of Apokolips for Ava DuVernay‘s New Gods. But since that DC Film cancellation – the comic book universe is on an entirely different path paved by James Gunn so any plans for Porter in DCEU may be out the window though seeing the actor in a Zack Snyder project is not.

The Batman v Superman director appeared on The Film Junkee‘s Dave Pena live stream with Screen Rant’s Stephen Colbert. During the discussion, Zack surprises the hosts by saying, “Porter has a part in Rebel Moon,” said Snyder and reiterated when the hosts were in awe at what they heard, “I put Porter in Rebel Moon. But yes, it’s not a giant part, but it’s amazing.” added the director.

Zack also cryptically said “He does a thing” with a gleeful smile when speaking about Porter’s undisclosed Rebel Moon character. it’s unclear what it may be, perhaps a throwback reference to the DCU supervillain? Nevertheless, it seems Porter’s menacing voice will be a part of Zack’s new sci-fi universe. Moreover, IMDB notes Ray Porter has a stunt double too,  performed by Frank Trigg.

Zack Snyder has been in the news a lot lately since he dropped the Darkseid tease video for April’s Full Circle event. The tickets for the screening event of Snyderverse films have seen a large wave of support with tickets being sold out in minutes. Fortunately, Snyder has confirmed that an online watch party will also be taking place for Man of Steel and Batman v Superman screenings.

At the moment, Zack Snyder has all his focus on building the Rebel Moon cinematic universe. In fact, it’s been rumored Netflix will soon announce multiple projects in the coming months. The filmmaker recently teased that a graphic novel and animation short are already in the works.

Rebel Moon is scheduled to release on December 22.




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