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‘Remake of Lois and Clark’: Superman: Legacy fans think James Gunn’s Man of Steel reboot is a rom-com ‘The Office’ style sitcom, story centers over Daily Planet

‘Remake of Lois and Clark’: Superman: Legacy fans think James Gunn’s Man of Steel reboot is a rom-com ‘The Office’ style sitcom, story centers over Daily Planet

Man of Steel fans feel James Gunn is working on a rom-com style plot for Superman: Legacy with a huge chunk of the origin story centering over Clark Kent & Lois Lane at the Daily Planet, giving off a sitcom-Esque The Office vibes. The DCU director recently indicated Kal-El’s Krypton origin story will not be covered in the DC Studios film.

While the casting auditions for Superman: Legacy is far from over, David Corenswet‘s entry into the DCU as Clark Kent/Superman & Rachel Brosnahan as Lois Lane has CBM folks aching for more information on the standalone flick. Fortunately, Gunn continues to offer some tidbits of information from the Superman: Legacy script, like announcing the Man of Steel reboot would mostly be a “workplace origin story”.

UPDATE: James Gunn clarified while responding to a fan on Threads, stating, “I didn’t say it was a workplace origin story (It’s not). I said it takes place during Clark’s earlier years at the Daily Planet.

Kent will be introduced as a novice reporter working at the Daily Planet. Although the larger threat against Superman is expected to come from Lex Luthor, The Authority, or the rumored big-bad Brainiac – Clark Kent’s bigger hurdle might be meeting Perry White’s deadlines.

James Gunn supporters like the idea of a Lois & Clark rom-com in Superman: Legacy

Supes fans on social media are comparing Gunn’s Legacy movie to Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman starring Dean Cain as the caped hero and Teri Hatcher as Lois. The series centered over the romance between Superman and Lois so audiences can’t help but find comparisons to the 1993 show. Similarly, some also stated Brandon Routh‘s Superman Returns centered over their workplace interactions too.

Lois Lane, Perry White and Jimmy Olsen are usually the only prominently known characters when audiences think of Daily Planet. Though others such as Steve Lombard, Cat Grant, and Ronald Troupe to name a few have appeared in comic iterations as staff reporters. In the Snyderverse – Lombard was played by House of Cards breakout actor Michael Kelly.

Aside from comparing the reboot Superman project to the light-hearted 1997 show, many believe James Gunn could include elements like The Office series style sitcom. Arguably, the light-hearted humor-centric theme is Gunn’s blueprint which can be found in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise as well as DC’s Peacemaker.

Even so, it should be noted Gunn’s statement on the “workplace origin story” comes from the DC studios chief’s first announcement to the press in January. The director could have made changes though it is unlikely with the ongoing Writers’ strike. Nonetheless, it should not be taken as an indication that the story would not contain huge action set pieces that fans have grown to love from DCEU’s Man of Steel.

Superman won’t be introduced as the first enhanced being on Earth rather would exist as one among them with members of The Authority and others like Blue Beetle on the superhero radar. It will be interesting to see his interactions with other superpowered individuals, especially since this iteration of the character “is kindness in a world that thinks of kindness as old-fashioned.”

Superman: Legacy is expected to roll the cameras in early 2024 and would release on July 11, 2025.




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