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REPORT: Venom & Black Cat Not Part Of Marvel Cinematic Universe, Details

REPORT: Venom & Black Cat Not Part Of Marvel Cinematic Universe, Details

Earlier this month, Spider-Man: Homecoming producer Amy Pascal shocked the Marvel fan base by making a controversial comment which suggested that Venom and Black Cat are part of Marvel Cinematic Universe. The studio’s president Kevin Feige was also present during the remark and seemed as surprised as the masses.

Since then, fans have been keen on an update from producer Pascal as speculations have continued to exaggerate her statement.  Fortunately, Fandango’s Managing Editor Erik Davis was able to clarify the comment thanks to another statement from the producer.

Davis put out a tweet which revealed that Amy Pascal and Kevin Feige meant to say that Venom, Black Cat etc are in the Marvel comic universe but not the MCU. Fans can check out the tweet below.

Davis also tweeted the full statement by producer Amy Pascal. Going by her new comment, it clarifies that these characters are from Marvel comic book universe. However, they belong to a different franchise in the cinematic universe. Fans can check it out in the tweet below.

Pascal also makes an upfront statement that “Spider-Man is now part of the MCU.” Furthermore, she also states that it was the plan along since his first appearance was in a MCU film (Captain America: Civil War).

This indeed puts an end to speculations over MCU having control over upcoming new characters such as Black Cat, Silver Sable and Venom. But it doesn’t give us details on whether Marvel could have a creative say in the making of those of movies.

Going by the massive positive response from fans for Spider-Man: Homecoming, it might be enough to convince Sony that its partnership with Marvel could go on to be fruitful. It has already been revealed that another MCU character would appear in Spider-Man: Homecoming 2. Perhaps, fans can expect more news on both studios’ relationship after the recent damage dies down.

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