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Richard Donner’s Superman Reference Spotted In ‘Justice League’

Richard Donner’s Superman Reference Spotted In ‘Justice League’

Earlier in Wonder Woman, fans were surprised when they spotted a reference to Richard Donner’s 1978 Superman from the alley fight scene. Recently, it has come to light that Justice League has also paid homage to the classic DC film.

The reference to Donner’s Superman movie in Justice League was spotted in its first promo trailer unveiled at last year’s San Diego Comic-Con. Fans can spot the Easter egg in the first scene when Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) meets Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck).

Barry’s outfit in the trailer is clearly a nod to the 1978 Superman. Hat tip to Reddit for spotting the reference. Fans can check out the image below.

The outfit worn by Miller’s Barry Allen is the same as Clark Kent’s clothing from the 1978 Superman. The young superhero sets out on a journey and leaves Smallville in the scene shown in the image below.

Some fans have argued that the choice of outfit wasn’t placed purposely as an homage to the classic movie. Readers can also take a closer look at the clothing in the trailer below and be the judge of it.

Earlier last year, on the release of the special Justice League trailer, many breakdown videos spotted references to Watchmen and other Easter eggs from DC Comics. It’s possible that we may find more in upcoming trailers or on its release.

It is also possible that we may find another reference to the classic movie. Donner’s 1978 Superman movie is hailed as one of the best comic book movies.

Earlier in June, DC film boss Geoff Johns and Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige both paid their tribute to the classic film. The MCU boss also made a startling statement that the 1978 superhero film is still used as an inspiration for their own movies.

Justice League hits theatres on November 17th, 2017. Currently, fans are anticipating the release of a new promo photo in the upcoming EW issue.

JL: Barry’s outfit is an homage to Superman (1978). In that scene, young Clark decides to leave home behind and go on a journey of self-discovery. from DC_Cinematic

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