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Rings of Power episode 4

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Rings of Power episode 4 fans react to Adar’s first look, Mithril ore, warning of the Fall of Numenor, Earendil’s story & more

Rings of Power episode 4 fans react to Adar’s first look, Mithril ore, warning of the Fall of Numenor, Earendil’s story & more

From hinting at the Fall of Numenor and the consequences of Dwarves mining the rare Mithril ore – Rings of Power episode 4 was all about warnings of impending doom, Isildur’s (Maxim Baldry) higher calling & Galadriel’s (Morfydd Clark) arduous task to get Queen Regent Miriel’s (Cynthia Addai-Robinson) help in stopping Sauron. Although the fourth chapter begins with a slow pace, the stakes are high by the end – teasing the nearing battle at the Southlands against the Orcs led by Adar (Joseph Mawle). Here’s a brief highlight of the best moments from the latest segment.

This week’s Rings of Power is not as sluggish as the initial episodes but rather starts with a breathtaking visual of The Great Wave that would soon leave Numenor in ruins. It’s clear that Miriel’s visions come from Palantir but more on that for later.

Galadriel’s stroll in the Hall of Laws with Elendil (Lloyd Owen) doesn’t sit well with Miriel and neither does it help Galadriel’s cause when she asks the queen to reforge the alliance between Numenor and Elves to save the men of the Southlands. It instead gets her landed in prison for sedition after demanding to speak with the King. Luckily, Halbrand (Charlie Vickers) has some words of advice that help her find a common ground. Meanwhile, Arondir (Ismael Cruz Cordova) finally meets Adar and learns that the Orc leader is an Elf too. Even so, it’s unclear why Eol, the First Age Elf follows the dark lord. His statement, “I am no god. At least… not yet” foreshadows his significance in the evil uprising in Middle-Earth. But at present, his task at hand seems to prioritize acquiring the Evil Sword that’s in Theo’s possession.

Unfortunately, the Orcs are already aware of its location and with Arondir informing Bronwyn (Nazanin Boniadi) about Adar’s message, the humans at the Old Watch Tower are likely to face an attack in Rings of Power episode 5, in fact, the preview footage already teases humans siding with the dark lord. Though on the other hand, Theo seems to be tempted by the Evil Sword and given his ancestors’ history, his arc is tipping on the scales of good and evil.

Rings of Power fans think Celebrimbor could utilize Mithril at the Forge Tower

Over at Eregion, Celebrimbor (Charles Edwards) and Elrond have begun building the Forge Tower, a project by Elves and Dwarves. But his delight is cut short when he remembers Earendil foretelling that his future remains in Elrond’s hand. But the bigger problem seems to be Durin’s (Owain Arthur) secrets which prompt Elrond to pay a visit to Khazad-dûm.

Elrond first confronts Disa (Sophia Nomvete) about his suspicion but is left with more doubts. After listening in on Disa and Durin’s discussion, Elrond pays a visit to the old mines where he discovers a rare new ore. After taking an oath that could lead to Elrond’s bloodline’s devastation if broken, Durin reveals they have been mining Mithril, “Lighter than silk, harder than iron, as weaponry, it would best our proudest blades. As specie, it might be dearer than gold.”

Some are already speculating the possibility of Celebrimbor coming across the Mithril that Elrond holds and using it in the Forge Tower. But Tolkien fanatics would be well aware that the ore was used to forge one of the eleven rings of power, Nenya. Moreover, it could also lead to a fall-out between Durin and Elrond as well. Readers can check out reactions below.

In Numenor, Galadriel makes her escape to inform the true King Tar-Palantir of Sauron’s return but is startled to find him in a vegetative state. Miriel then shows her the fate of Numenor through the Palantir, one of the seven seeing stones. Enough to convince the Queen that Galadriel’s arrival and stay could further anger the Valars and lead to the Great Wave.

At the Old mines, Durin’s mining efforts for Mithril face a hurdle when a few of the Dwarves are trapped by a structure collapse. This could be the first hint to the downfall of the Kingdom of Moria, caused by the greediness to mine for more Mithril. But it might not be an arc that will be explored anytime soon. Rings of Power episode 4 largely centers on the current generation’s struggle to live up to their father’s glory, like Elrond bearing the burden of his father Earendil’s achievement whilst also aching for his absence. It’s an interesting dynamic that shines in a different light between Durin and his father as well.

The best takeaway of Rings of Power episode 4 was the Queen Regant’s realization when the petals of the White Tree fall. Miriel announces to the people of Numenor of her journey to escort Galadriel to Middle-earth and to aid the men besieged in the Southlands. An expeditionary force made up of Numenor’s volunteers prompting Isildur to enlist too. Is this the start of the war in Middle-earth, let’s hope to find out in Rings of Power episode 5 next week on Prime Video.




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