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Riverdale: New Blossom House Has A Connection With Vampire Diaries

Still of Cheryl from Riverdale and The Vampire Diaries poster/ The CW

Riverdale: New Blossom House Has A Connection With Vampire Diaries

Riverdale and The Vampire Diaries have an unexpected connection that many of us may have not even noticed. The two CW series revolves around the lives of young people but in very different worlds. So, the connection will leave the readers surprised.

The Vampire Diaries, based on L.J Smith’s book series, is long gone. The series explored the supernatural world of Vampires as they interacted with humans. Meanwhile, Riverdale is still in its second season. The mystery drama based on Archie comics follows the lives of teenagers in the town with the same name. Apart from the fact that both the series are based on books, there is a surprising connection between the two that even Vampire Diaries showrunner Julie Plec missed out on at first.

Recently, Plec guest-directed the most recent episode of Riverdale when she realized that the Thistle House, Cheryl and Penelope Blossom’s new abode was briefly Salvatore Boarding House.

Speaking to Bustle, Plec revealed that funnily it took time for her to register that she had been to the location before and it was the same house.

It was so funny, I had seen Thistle house on camera but it hadn’t registered with me,” Plec told the aforementioned publication. “And when we pulled up the driveway for the location scout to go see it, I was like, ‘This is so familiar. I feel like I’ve been here before.'”

And then I actually took a good look at the house and realized it was the Salvatore House from (The Vampire Diaries) pilot. Isn’t that hilarious? Because we shot the pilot in Vancouver. And the backyard of it, which is so gorgeous, is where we built our cemetery. That was a nice flashback!” she added.

This was the first time Plec directed a show she is not heading. In the interview, she revealed that directing “Chapter Twenty-Six: The Tell-Tale Heart,” was “fun.”

Riverdale Season 2 is currently on hiatus. It is scheduled to return on March 7 with episode 14 “The Hills Have Eyes” on The CW. As revealed earlier, the show will see Archie, Jughead, Veronica and Betty take a relaxing break in the woods when things take an unexpected turn.

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