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Riverdale Season 2 Episode 20 Promo: Black Hood Goes After Fred Andrews Again

Still of Fred Andrews from Riverdale Season 2/ The CW

Riverdale Season 2 Episode 20 Promo: Black Hood Goes After Fred Andrews Again

As Riverdale Season 2 approaches its endgame, things are only getting intense. Next week, the network airs episode 20 titled “Shadows of a Doubt” and features the aftermath of the big reveals from tonight’s episode.

Tonight’s episode “Prisoners” saw the return of Nick St. Clair for revenge from Veronica and Archie. Tables turned when Veronica dropped a roofie into Nick’s Champagne glass. By the end of it all, Nick was taken hostage by the couple.

One of the biggest reveal made in the episode is Chic is a fraud as well as the murderer of Alice and F.P.’s love child Charles Smith. This definitely instigates Betty to take appropriate action. She grabs a gun and takes Chic out to a graveyard to find out the truth about Charles just when she sees The Black Hood back but for Chic this time. Back at home, Betty finds out that Hal went looking for her leaving her wondering if he is the real Black Hood.

When Riverdale Season 2 returns next week Betty will continue to find the truth about the Black Hood. The CW has released a promo video teasing the events from the next chapter. In the clip, Betty admits to her family that she has an “accomplice to murder.” Meanwhile, Jughead is determined to save the town as the storm approaches.

Elsewhere, Cheryl tells Veronica that she is playing a dangerous game. Fred Andrews receives a note reading “you’re next sinner” and Betty grabs a gun again.

At the same time, fans will see where the mayoral race between Hermione and Fred is going. Both the candidates will come face to face for debate night when a mysterious message arrives. Betty and Cheryl go after the truth about the Black Hood. Archie and Jughead try to make peace between Bulldogs and Serpents.

“As the town’s mayoral race between Fred (Luke Perry) and Hermoine (Marisol Nichols) heats up, Hiram (Mark Consuelos) sets his sights on a new ally – Sheriff Minetta (guest star Henderson Wade). Betty (Lili Reinhart) turns to Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch) for help when she has a suspicion about the Black Hood. Meanwhile, the reveal of a dark secret forces Archie (KJ Apa) and Jughead (Cole Sprouse) to try and ease tensions between the Bulldogs and Serpents. Finally, on the eve of the mayoral debate, a mysterious message leaves everyone on edge,” reads the official description of the episode titled “Shadows of a Doubt.”

Riverdale Season 2 episode 20 airs May 2 on The CW. Keep visiting Pursue News for more updates and information.

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