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Riverdale Season 2: Hart Denton Opens Up About Chic’s Adjustment in Cooper Family And His Job

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Riverdale Season 2: Hart Denton Opens Up About Chic’s Adjustment in Cooper Family And His Job

The newest entry Chic Cooper in Riverdale series continues to shock people around him. Hart Denton’s character has a lot of surprising and mysterious elements attached to him. He continues to shock those around him as the Cooper family learns more about him.

In a recent interview with Insider, Denton opened up about his “video gigolo” job and other details about his character. Meanwhile, the actor fears that his character might be judged by his profession and he doesn’t want that to happen.

I know that it’s new to a lot of people. It’s something that people don’t understand or really know about, so I hope that they are slow to judge with it,” Denton told.

Denton admitted that learning more about the character gave him a whole new perspective and the reason why he might have chosen a controversial job like this.

That area of career sometimes calls for quick judgment from people. I’m sure I was wary of that before I started shooting this role, but when I dove into this character and I saw why he did what he did, it gave me a whole new perspective on the career itself,” he explained.

The actor revealed that it wasn’t the character’s original job. There were a few changes made to the script. The actor reportedly did a lot of research and saw several documentaries to learn more about his character’s job and it only helped him learn “what that world consisted of.”

In addition, the actor talked about being a part of Cooper family. Considering he is an abandoned child of Alice Cooper, things would not have been easy for him and called for a lot of adjustment.

Joining the Cooper family as Chic was a bit of an adjustment,” Denton said. “It was a very foreign thing to him. He’s very out of his element, but he’s trying to adjust, and he’s trying to fit into this family and find a connection with Betty.”

Next week on Riverdale, Betty will find herself solving more mysteries. As revealed earlier, her hasty decisions will land her in a major problem. Meanwhile, Veronica will try to solve issues between Jughead, Hiram, and FP. At the same time, Archie will end up making some tough decisions after learning more about Agent Adams’ investigation.

Riverdale Season 2 airs Wednesdays on The CW. Keep visiting Pursue News for more updates.




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