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Riverdale Season 2: Madchen Amick Replies To Fans’ Black Hood Theory

Still of Madchen Amick as Alice from Riverdale season 2/ The CW

Riverdale Season 2: Madchen Amick Replies To Fans’ Black Hood Theory

In the first half of Riverdale Season 2, the gang was busy solving the mystery surrounding Black Hood. During the midseason finale, it was revealed that the school’s janitor Joseph Svenson was the serial killer behind several murders in the small town. However, not everyone might be convinced with the ending to the Black Hood mystery.

Soon after the broadcast of the episode revealing Svenson as Black Hood, theories emerged suggesting that it is a fake-out. It is still a hot topic of discussion and speculations continue.

In the meantime, Riverdale actress Madchen Amick, who plays the role of Alice Cooper on the series opened up about the several Black Hood theories floating on the internet and popular among the fans.

I know that they’re out there lingering. I’ve heard some pretty crazy fan theories,” Amick told Comicbook. “I haven’t really heard much recently but I’ve felt the bubbling of, ‘Oh my God, we didn’t find the real Black Hood.’ That’s very interesting. That’s an interesting notion for the fans to be playing with right now, especially since there are some things that we as cast members know.”

Amick went on to talk about the theory that suggested Alice Cooper is the real Black Hood. She did not completely deny the theory and only added to it.

I heard at one point … Actually quite a few think that it’s Alice Cooper,” Amick added. “Now I think the shape of the black hood that shot Fred Andrews didn’t quite look like Alice Cooper but you never know. Maybe she had something to do with hiring somebody to act out her wishes.”

In addition, Amick said that her character knows no limits when it comes to protecting her children. She can “do anything and everything” to protect them. Also, Alice will not think twice before sacrificing herself for them.

Next week, the series is expected to resolve the mystery surrounding murder at the Cooper-house. As revealed earlier, the upcoming episode will shed more light on what happened at the end of last week’s episode. It is expected to reveal all the answers related to the murder.

Meanwhile, Betty wants Jughead’s help in a new problem. The tension between Hiram, FP, and Jughead reach boiling point. Veronica arranges a meeting where the three men can discuss their issues. And Agent Adams’ discovery forces Archie to make some tough decisions.

Riverdale Season 2 episode 13 airs Feb. 7 on The CW. More updates and information is expected soon.




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