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Riverdale Season 2: Nathalie Boltt Talks Penelope & Harold Relationship

Still from Riverdale season 2 The Wrestler episode/ The CW

Riverdale Season 2: Nathalie Boltt Talks Penelope & Harold Relationship

Riverdale season 2 is currently on a winter hiatus but when the series returns, it has a lot of unanswered questions to deal with.  Many fans are also keen on finding out the effects of Penelope and Hal’s relationship as both Cheryl and Betty are now aware of it.

Recently, in an interview with seat42f, actress Nathalie Boltt spoke about her experience playing Penelope, a villain character and shared some details on Penelope and Hal’s affair. Here’s what she had to say.

I think Penelope does have real feelings for Hal, but she’s being forced — and this is where the power play with Cheryl comes in — she’s being forced by Cheryl to break it off. So is Hal. So both of us have been put in a position where we really don’t have any choice. So Cheryl has the upper hand with that one. But who knows? Maybe those feelings will go dormant for a little while, and then they’ll pop back up, because real feelings do.

In episode 13, Chapter Twenty-Six: The Tell-Take Heart, Cheryl approaches Hal to break off their relationship for the sake of his family. Although she is only shown threatening Hal, she later goes on to inform Betty as well.

It looks like Penelope’s relationship with Hal is soon to come to an end. But it is also possible that it will have its own set of consequences if Betty decides to tell Alice about their affair.

Boltt also had another interesting topic to touch on during the interview. When the actress was questioned on what viewers will get a kick out of when Riverdale returns, she pointed out, “We’ve obviously got to sort out the Black Hood and the mysteries that still remain regarding that.”

While there are a lot of mysteries to be solved, the upcoming episode, Chapter Twenty-Seven: The Hills Have Eyes seems to have another shocking treat for fans. An earlier promopromo revealed a twist as Veronica approaches Jughead for what seems like a kiss. Fans will find the answer when Riverdale season 2 returns on March 7th on the CW.

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