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Rotten Tomatoes Exploring Possibility Of Adding A ‘Verified Purchase’ Mode After Captain Marvel Controversy

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Rotten Tomatoes Exploring Possibility Of Adding A ‘Verified Purchase’ Mode After Captain Marvel Controversy

Marvel Studios’ latest title Captain Marvel faced several hurdles before its worldwide release. For starters, the movie faced an immense backlash from many after a remark by Brie Larson on white men was taken out of context. It further led to the movie being review bombed on Rotten Tomatoes and its audience score hitting a new low even before its release.

Fortunately, it seems like Rotten  Tomatoes is taking measures to prevent another movie from facing the same situation as Captain Marvel. The online review aggregators’ VP of communications recently revealed to USA Today that they are taking steps to make adjustments to their site’s audience score and to assure the same incident doesn’t occur again. Moreover, the site is also exploring including a ‘verified purchase’ mode similar to Amazon which may help prevent another unnecessary and biased backlash to movies.

We’ve seen it with enough movies that we know we have to evolve our system,” said Benson of the trolling, ” said Dana Benson. “Anyone that has an open system like we do has received this type of attention. Moving forward, we want to make sure our users can trust our audience score and that we find different ways to verify the reviews.”

Rotten Tomatoes isn’t alone in making a move as even Youtube recently made a few changes to its Algorithm to help silence Youtubers that are attacking Brie Larson. The website is ranking news sources higher over others Youtubers attacking the actress and the movie.

In any case, the early negative response from a few on Rotten Tomatoes didn’t affect Captain Marvel’s earnings at the box office. The movie has already earned over $760 million worldwide and is inching closer to crossing the $1 billion mark. While the early review bomb did give the movie bad press, it didn’t seem to have to hurt the movie in any way.

Captain Marvel will be seen in Avengers: Endgame which releases on April 26. You can check out its latest trailer below.

Captain Marvel is currently in theaters.

Source: USA Today




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