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Rumor: Carnage Might Not Be A Big Part Of ‘Venom’ Movie, Role Details

Rumor: Carnage Might Not Be A Big Part Of ‘Venom’ Movie, Role Details

Recently, Sony’s Venom starring Tom Hardy in the title role wrapped up it’s filming in San Francisco. Since then, the studio was quick to release a trailer for the film although the audience’s response has been mixed due to the fact it didn’t reveal the symbiote. Unfortunately, it looks like the film itself would also deny fans a fully fledged appearance of Carnage.

Warning: This article may contain potential spoilers to Venom

According to That Hashtag Show, a source reportedly revealed that Carnage would debut in Venom but won’t be part of the entire film. Rather, the character could be introduced as part of a post-credit scene.

The news is sure to disappoint many fans as Carnage was expected to be a main villain in the movie. but there may be more to it since the plot will revolve majorly around Eddie Brock amd tje  Life Foundation which would ultimately involve introducing multiple symbiotes that get created in the process.

The actor that might be playing the role of Cletus Kasady a.k.a Carnage is unknown.  But there may be some evidence pointing towards Woody Harrelson.

Earlier in December, it was revealed that the 56-year-old actor was cast to play a role that was described as a “henchman of sorts.” During production, Harrelson wasn’t spotted in any of the set photos captured during filming which is strange.

In the comics, Kasady is a serial killer who interacted with Eddie Brock at Ryker’s Island. Both lived in the same cell but when Brock managed to escape, his symbiote had left an offspring which latches on to Kasady, transforming the serial killer to the Carnage.

Fans are advised to take the news with a grain of salt since this is clearly not a confirmation. Stay tuned with Pursue News for more updates related to Venom and other films in Sony’s cinematic universe.

For now, check out the recent trailer for Venom below.

Source: That Hashtag Show




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