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RUMOR: Joker Origin Movie Will See Batman’s Father Thomas Wayne Play A Big Role

Still of The Joker from Killing Joke

RUMOR: Joker Origin Movie Will See Batman’s Father Thomas Wayne Play A Big Role

Now that Warner Bros. has given an official green light to Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker origin movie, more and more information about the film’s cast and storyline have started pouring in. if a new report is to be believed an iconic Batman character could play a major role in the Todd Phillips’ directed film.

Collider’s Jeff Sneider claims that Batman’s father Thomas Wayne could play a major role in the Joker origin film. During a new episode of Collider Movie Talk, when Sneider was asked about Robert De Niro’s role in the upcoming film, he said that De Niro wouldn’t likely be playing a big role in the film.

He added that he is not pretty sure about De Niro’s role in Joker film, but, he could probably play the role of a local TV host or something like that, who broadcasts about the Joker. The one character that Sneider is confident about is Thomas Wayne who he claims will likely play a big role in the film.

As for De Niro’s role, I don’t think he’s playing some canon type character,” Sneider said. “I think he’s playing like a local TV host or something like that, who’s maybe broadcasting about the Joker. I’m not entirely sure. I do know that one character who has a big role in this is Thomas Wayne.”

At this point of time, it remains unclear who will be playing Thomas Wayne and how the character would be utilized in the film.

Meanwhile, Collider recently caught up with actor Joaquin Phoenix who will be stepping into the shoes of the DC iconic villain Joker. The actor admitted that while the movie is quite unique, it does scare him.

It feels unique, it is its own world in some ways, and maybe, mostly, it scares the fucking shit out of me or something,” Phoenix said. “It might as well be the thing that scares you the most.”

He added that the Joker origin movie will be quite different as compared to other superhero movies.

I wouldn’t quite classify this as like any genre,” the actor said. “I wouldn’t say it’s a superhero movie, or a studio movie or a … It feels unique, and I think more than anything, and probably the most important thing, is Todd seems very passionate about it and very giving, and so that’s exciting.”

The Joker origin movie will begin production and filming in New York City in September. The film currently doesn’t have a release date yet.

Source: Jeff Sneider




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