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RUMOR: ‘Justice League’ Could Introduce Two Green Lantern Members

Still of Hal Jordon as Green Lantern from DC Comics/Official Facebook page

RUMOR: ‘Justice League’ Could Introduce Two Green Lantern Members

Earlier last year, it was revealed that a member of the Green Lantern Corps would make an appearance in the upcoming Justice League. But a new scoop suggests that the DCEU film will introduce not one but two Emerald Knights.

Recently, The Wrap reporter Umberto Gonzalez went live on periscope to discuss upcoming DCEU, MCU and other comic book movies. During the chat, the Ace scooper made a huge revelation that two members of the Green Lantern Corps would appear in Justice League.

“In Justice League, there will be not one Green Lantern, but two Green Lanterns. Let’s see if it sticks and they keep them in or if they cut it out.”

Gonzalez has confirmed that it won’t be Abin Sur, Hal or Kilowog. But the journalist did say that the alien character appearing as Green Lantern has a difficult name to pronounce.

Earlier, it was Gonzalez’s report from last year that confirmed Green Lantern’s appearance in a key sequence. The new scoop from the same journalist adds more weight to the news. But readers are advised to take the scoop with a grain of salt.

It looks like Hal Jordon and John Stewart won’t be making a cameo or any such anytime soon. Warner Bros. is yet to cast these characters. Furthermore, the actors that were fan-cast or campaigned for the role also seem to be out of the equation at present.

In the recent Justice League trailer, the existence of “Lanterns” was openly embraced. It would be an unlikely move and could also disappoint fans if the final cut excludes the scenes which introduce the Green Lanterns.

Justice League hits the big screens on November 17th this year. The film’s reshoots are expected to wrap by the end of the month.

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