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RUMOR: ‘Justice League’ Reshoots Has Changed Its Ending

RUMOR: ‘Justice League’ Reshoots Has Changed Its Ending

A new report claims that the ongoing Justice League reshoots has changed the movie’s ending. The news comes from /Film Daily podcast in which its editor-in-chief Peter Sciretta made a startling revelation [Brace for possible spoilers].

According to /Film, the previous version would have concluded Justice League with a major cliffhanger featuring Darkseid. Sciretta learned The God of Evil was originally supposed to arrive on Earth and his fight was set up to take place in the sequel. However, that version has now been scrapped.

Film/ also went on to add that Robin Wright (plays as Antiope) filmed new scenes as part of the movie’s flashback. These new sequences would explain more about Steppenwolf. Unlike its earlier version, the reshoots is not highlighting Darkseid as the main presence of threat.

Film/ does have a good standing record of publishing credible reports. However, lately, the reshoots news has caused a lot of chaos and many have turned out to be false. In any case, the audience are advised to take the news with a grain of salt.

The presence of Darkseid is undoubtedly confirmed in the DC Cinematic Universe. However, some rumors have suggested that leader of Apokolips could have a role to play in the film as well.

Earlier in an interview, Game of Thrones actor Michael McElhatton also confirmed that he has a role in Justice League. The actor’s comment on the scene he got to play suggested that he could be none other than Darkseid.

If McElhatton does, in fact, play the God of Evil, it looks like his presence won’t be the limelight after reshoots going by the new report. Currently, there seems to be no confirmation surrounding the news. However, it can be strongly stated that the additional photography was initiated in an effort to make the film seem less dark.

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