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RUMOR: Justice League Runtime Could Be 3 Hours Long After Reshoots

RUMOR: Justice League Runtime Could Be 3 Hours Long After Reshoots

Warner Bros. has lately been putting off fire from all sides due to the ongoing Justice League reshoots. Currently, the project is under Joss Whedon and it has been reportedly revealed that the ongoing additional photography is “extensive.”

While fans have shared concerns about the reshoots, it looks like the pickups would eventually be in favor of the masses. It is highly likely that the additional photography could increase the runtime to end up at the 3-hour mark or close to that.

Forbes Contributor Mark Hughes has also weighed in his opinion while having a heated chat with some of his followers about the Justice League reshoots. The journalist tried to explain that ‘pickups’ are usually in the industry. However, one fan went on to say that the ongoing work replaces some of Snyder scenes.

Hughes set records straight by stating, “20 minutes of mostly new footage in a nearly 3 hr film is different from the implication they’re reshooting most of a film.”

It’s surprising that we didn’t realize that the ‘pickups’ could end up pushing the final version of the film closer to a 3-hour mark. Moreover, it is likely that Warner Bros. could also be onboard with the decision.

Earlier with Batman v Superman, the theatrical version was released with a 2hr 31-minute runtime. Later on, the studio released the ultimate edition with a 3-hour mark which managed to receive better opinions. Furthermore, many fans also stated that the film could have been a success if Warner Bros. released the director’s cut.

If Warner Bros. has indeed learned a lesson from Batman v Superman, it is certain that fans can expect the Justice League runtime to be more than its usual 2 and a half hour runtime if not a 3-hour film.

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