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RUMOR: Man of Steel 2 – Henry Cavill Demanded Studio A Producer Credit, Director & Script Approval

Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel

RUMOR: Man of Steel 2 – Henry Cavill Demanded Studio A Producer Credit, Director & Script Approval

Warner Bros. seems more optimistic than ever since the success of Aquaman. While the studio currently has multiple DCEU movies in development, it is still yet to give the fandom an update on Man of Steel 2.

UPDATE: Collider, a reputable news agency with a track record reached out to Cavill’s team and rather than being denied a comment, the actor’s team stated that the details from the report are “patently inaccurate” and there’s “no truth to this.”

Back in September, a bombshell report stated that Henry Cavill will no longer play as Superman. Since then, there has there has been no word from Warner Bros. or from Cavill’s team if there will be a Man of Steel 2. Now, Revenge of the Fans is reporting details from the negotiation that went on between WB and Cavill’s team which ended by the first round due to disagreements.

The site states that the big hurdle that stopped further negotiations were demands put forth by Cavill’s team. The Superman actor demanded a producer credit for Man of Steel 2, Director plus script approval along with a pay raise. The studio didn’t give in to all the demands which stopped any further discussions.

It still remains unknown if Cavill will get to play as Superman again in a possible Man of Steel 2 project. But the actor still seems to consider the role close to his heart going by his recent Instagram post.

There has been a rumor that the disagreement played a role in WB moving ahead with a Supergirl movie.

Currently, it looks like the once set out shared cinematic universe for DC Comics movies is no more the same as Zack Snyder visioned it to be when he directed Man of Steel and set out the DCEU. Just recently it was announced that Ben Affleck won’t be returning as the Batman and a new young actor will be replacing him for Matt Reeves’ The Batman. Since then, fans are keen to know if Cavill would also be replaced.

Even if the studio decides to go with a new actor to play as Superman, fans shouldn’t expect an announcement anytime soon as Warner Bros. aren’t rushing with another Superman movie. But rather, the studio is currently concentrating on other titles such as Birds of Prey and other Harley Quinn spinoffs. It must be noted that no report is precisely accurate at the moment regarding news on Henry Cavill’s Superman.

Source: Revenge of the Fans




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