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Rumor: Matt Reeves’ The Batman Likely To Have Penguin As Main Villain

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Rumor: Matt Reeves’ The Batman Likely To Have Penguin As Main Villain

If recent reports are to be believed, director Matt Reeves’ DC standalone film, The Batman, will likely see the Caped Crusader locking horns with the iconic comic book villain, The Penguin.

According to Variety reporter Justin Kroll, Penguin/ Oswald Cobblepot might show up as the main villain in The Batman film. In his Twitter post, Kroll claims that if the Penguin doesn’t show up in The Batman then there are chances that the villain could be moved to the upcoming Birds of Prey movie.

The tweet, however, comes with a caveat that DC Films plans for upcoming movies constant keep on changing, so, it’s better to take the information with a big grain of salt.

Take this with a grain of salt as things are constantly changing in the DCEU but I’m hearing the Penguin is possibly the choice to play the main villain in The Batman,” Kroll’s tweet read. “Sources add even if Reeves decide to go another route the studio could then make him the main villain in BOP [Birds of Prey].”

In another tweet, Kroll mentioned that as Reeve is still working on The Batman’s script, it is not yet confirmed if Penguin has been penned down as the movie’s main villain. He also revealed that one of the scripts for Birds of Prey features Penguin as the villain. Either way, Penguin’s return to the big screen is pretty much likely to be happening. The villainous character made its first big screen appearance in the 1992 film, Batman Returns. The role was played by Danny DeVito.

There are rumors that claim that Josh Gad could end up playing the Penguin in either The Batman or Birds of Prey. The rumors of Gad playing Penguin sparked when the actor posted a photo of the famous Batman villain The Penguin on social media earlier this year. This led to the speculation that he could be playing the character in an upcoming DCEU movie.

It is also not yet confirmed if Batman actor Ben Affleck will appear as the Dark Knight in Reeves’ upcoming standalone. The Batman is rumored to go on floors sometime in 2019.

Source: Justin Kroll




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