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RUMOR: Suicide Squad 2 Might Be Getting A Clean Slate Under Director James Gunn

RUMOR: Suicide Squad 2 Might Be Getting A Clean Slate Under Director James Gunn

This news would certainly come as a shocker to many DCEU fans as it is being reported that director James Gunn is in talks to write for Warner Bros. Suicide Squad 2. But it looks like he could also be offered to take on the directorial duties as well.

The news comes from The Wrap who has also learnt that Gunn is being eyed to direct the sequel project.  THR’s Borys Kit has confirmed in his report that a deal has been closed for Gunn to pen the script. But there is no director deal yet, however, talks may proceed depending on the outcome.

Kit also put out a tweet stating, “Being told that Gunn’s SUICIDE SQUAD will not be a sequel, he will have a whole new take on it. But whether that means a total recasting or not is unclear.” You can check it out below.

Some fans may find the news confusing since Gavin O’Connor was attached to direct and also wrote the script for Suicide Squad 2. Earlier in September,  it was also revealed that Todd Stashwick who co-wrote the script for Suicide Squad 2 with David Bar Katz and O’Connor had finished their draft. But it seems like the studio wasn’t ready to go ahead with that script.

According to Variety Film Reporter Justin Kroll, “hearing the story he [Gavin O’Connor] had for the sequel ended up almost being identical to the BIRDS OF PREY story and when that film was given the go ahead to go before SQUAD 2, O’Connor grew frustrated and fell off project to do HAS BEEN instead.” You can check out the tweet below.

Just recently, we also reported that O’Connor was ready to start working on The Has-Been movie starring Ben Affleck which is set to go into production this October.

Deadline is also stating in their own report that “Gunn is bringing a completely new take on the property to Suicide Squad” so it seems like the Guardians of the Galaxy director is getting a clean slate and is possibly brushing off all script work done by previous writers. And based on all the above information, it might not even be a sequel as it was earlier set to be.

From the looks of it, Gunn seems to be writing an entirely different Suicide Squad movie

Gunn was earlier expected to helm Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 but following the incident where some of his controversial tweets on pedophilia and rape came to light, the director was fired from the franchise. But it looks likes Warner Bros.

This certainly isn’t the first time the director was offered the opportunity to work on a DC movie. Back in May, Gunn himself revealed in a tweet that he was given the chance and maybe he would take on a DC project and it seems like that day has come.

Suicide Squad 2 is yet to be assigned with a release date.

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