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RUMOR: Wonder Woman 2 Early Ideas Reveal Diana Uses Lasso To Fly

Wonder Woman poster cropped/ Warner Bros.

RUMOR: Wonder Woman 2 Early Ideas Reveal Diana Uses Lasso To Fly

Wonder Woman 2 has lately been all over the news thanks to the slew of set photos and video clips from fans near the set. Though it seems like its a strategically move on the studio’s part to turn all eyes on the sequel project, a new rumor might do the opposite if it turns out to be true.

Grace Randolph, the creator and host of Beyond The Trailer comes with the news on Wonder Woman 1984. She revealed in a tweet posted on Monday that she has learned some DCEU insider info after her dinner with “some friends working on the movies?”.

Two new tweets posted today by Randolph revealed some details she learnt which claim that the following are few of the development ideas for Wonder Woman 2. Unfortunately, it doesn’t go along with what fans may have expected.

According to Randolph’s tweet, Steve Trevor is in fact in another person’s body. But Diana still sees him as Steve when kissing him but the real Trevor is in “someone else’ body”. Next part of info is sure to disappoint fans as it states that Diana would fly by “lassoing the wind”.

There was also another idea which would have Wonder Woman save the day by “lassoing a radio antenna”, allowing her to share the power of lasso throughout the globe. Fans can check out the tweets below.

Fans must also note that Randolph clearly states that these were development ideas for Wonder Woman 2 and could have possibly been scrapped by now. But there’s a possibility that they are still on the table as well.

Many fans on Twitter have already started sharing concern stating Wonder Woman could just “fly” without any aid. Surely, complicating her ability to fly won’t be taken lightly by the audience or critics. We’ll have to wait and find out if she indeed does use her lasso to grapple on the wind and fly.

Wonder Woman 1984 hits theaters on November 1, 2019.

Source: Grace Randolph




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