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SAG-AFTRA & WGA strike recap: 114th day of Writers Strike & studios face backlash for counter-proposal on A.I written script, here’s all the Hollywood Actors picketing & more

Image courtesy of SAG-AFTRA official Twitter/X handle

SAG-AFTRA & WGA strike recap: 114th day of Writers Strike & studios face backlash for counter-proposal on A.I written script, here’s all the Hollywood Actors picketing & more

The WGA strike & SAG-AFTRA strike in Hollywood continues in a stalemate with AMPTP’s counter-proposal failing to appeal to the WGA while the SAG-AFTRA is yet to receive a call from studios to return back to the negotiating table. Nonetheless, stars from Stranger Things 5, Superman: Legacy‘s Rachel Brosnahan, Better Call Saul‘s Bob Odenkirk, Cobra Kai‘s Jon Hurwitz & many more from Hollywood have strengthened the union’s commitment to the strike by sharing their unwavering support as well.

The WGA strike is inching closer to the fourth month since the union began picketing on May 2. Whereas the SAG-AFTRA Strike is days away from completing the second month (day 39 as of this writing) of their protest. Most film & TV productions have shut down in Hollywood with actors and writers barred from participating in promotional efforts. In fact, The CW’s Arrow actor Stephen Amell came under fire for not only critiquing the picketing but also engaging in promoting his upcoming show.

While Hollywood events have also been halted, this year’s Academy of Motion Pictures Museum Gala scheduled for October 14 will not be impacted. The SAG and WGA have received the nod to proceed which will see Michael B. Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, Meryl Streep and Sofia Coppola honored.

On the other hand, some indie projects have had the privilege of promoting their title with the stars amid the Actors strike thanks to the SAG-AFTRA interim agreement. Studios like A24 which are not part of AMPTP are allowed to participate under the condition they agree to SAG’s proposal. But henceforth, the interim agreement will not be offered to projects under the WGA contract produced in the U.S. – a decision that was prompted after the Actors union was advised by the WGA on the modification to “assist them in executing their strike strategy”.

The Picketing lines for WGA & SAG have remained strong thanks to prominent actors like Bob Odenkirk who has been one of the most outspoken. He continues to picket alongside his fellow Better Call Saul co-stars and crew members. Speaking of, Breaking Bad star Patrick Fabian with Gotham series star Drew Powell and other well-known faces from Hollywood were seen at the picket joining Odenkirk.

Earlier last Friday on August 18, the 60-year-old actor was spotted picketing outside Paramount Studios, “I like to skip around different lines to see different friends and keep supporting the strike. We’re going to go as long as it takes.”

Star Trek: Picard‘s Michelle Hurd, The Walking Dead‘s Ian Anthony Dale and Salvation‘s Santiago Cabrera were spotted in LA too. Other stars like Stranger Things 5’s Sadie Sink & Gaten Matarazzo were picketing too while even young performers joined the lines to keep the momentum going.

One actor who appears to have amplified SAG union members’ picketing efforts comes from The West Wing star Martin Sheen. The 83-year-old veteran gave an empowering speech at the rally held at Disney studio. famed Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin along with Bradley Whitford and Joshua Malina also participated in the SAG-AFTRA Strike.

Meanwhile, the WGA’s face-off against the AMPTP is starting to get messy. The studios attempted to put an end to the 115-day strike by Writers by returning to the negotiating table. However, when the WGA refused to budge – the studios opted for an unprecedented strategy by making their new offer public although it is seen as a “violation of the duty to bargain in good faith,” as LA Times reported.

Unfortunately, the writers have begun bearing the aftermath of unemployment with no pay during this ordeal. On the bright side, writers receiving network residuals are reportedly helping younger writers (who depend on streaming residuals) by buying them Groceries.

The AMPTP is currently facing heat over their counter-proposal which refuses to ban utilizing writers’ work as training data for AI systems. Moreover, the counteroffer indicates studios could also require writers to re-work the AI-written scripts to make them eligible for copyright protection.

It is starting to look like the double strike could push anticipated TV shows like Stranger Things 5’s production to 2024. Other fan-favorites like Cobra Kai creator Jon Hurwitz have also reiterated the sixth and final season will return after the two unions receive their fair deals.




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