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Save TCM trends as cinephiles react to David Zaslav laying off Turner Classic Movies leadership, receives backlash from Hollywood’s Ryan Reynolds & more: ‘must continue to be preserved’

Save TCM trends as cinephiles react to David Zaslav laying off Turner Classic Movies leadership, receives backlash from Hollywood’s Ryan Reynolds & more: ‘must continue to be preserved’

From Hollywood A-listers to classic film lovers, the hashtag Save TCM is being sounded off on social media as Warner Bros. Discovery’s cost-cutting strategy has sadly reached Turner Classic Movies which faced layoffs/radical restructuring this week. Veteran filmmakers like Martin Scorsese have already met CEO David Zaslav to reportedly protest over his decision that led to the shake-up.

Since its inception in 1994, TCM has long been a cornerstone for many filmmakers in Hollywood from the likes of Paul Thomas Anderson and Scorsese. The channel has been seen as a preservatory of golden age cinema and continuously broadcasts classic titles including silent films that are no longer available as home video releases.

Artists like Scorsese have been candid about their love for TCM, in fact – the Killers of the Flower Moon director revealed in an old interview about his interest in tuning in on classics like Umberto D. at 4 a.m. He also keeps the channel running next to his editing room to invigorate his mind by tuning in vintage features. So it’s understandable why veteran auteur filmmakers like him along with Steven Spielberg and Thomas Anderson engaged in an emergency meeting with David Zaslav.

WBD’s cost-cut measures have already led to disappointing changes such as the removal of the iconic Cartoon Network show, and shopping off their iconic DC Comics franchise titles like Batman: Caped Crusader to name a few (Though can’t forget the Batgirl cancellation too). However, the latest target of TCM appears to be where veteran filmmakers have drawn the line.

Save TCM movement, Deadpool 3 actor also voices concern over David Zaslav’s Turner Classic Movies shake-up

Turner Classic Movie fans are using the hashtag Save TCM to share their story on why the channel should not be impacted by WBD’s restructuring. Even Deadpool 3 star Ryan Reynolds had harsher words of request for WBD to not mess with TCM.

As one Film historian James L. Neibaur noted, “TCM shows pre-codes, B-level noir, short subjects from comedy to travelogue, cartoons, B-westerns, silents, etc.” Arguing that it would be too costly to lose access to such precious film history. The Save TCM movement is trending on Twitter with several long-time viewers of the channel sharing their heartfelt stories. Readers can check it out below.

Some TCM fans were in awe over the bare few questioning why a channel like TCM should exist. Turner Classic Movies is perhaps one of the last few channels known for airing 1894’s Annie Oakley and Bucking Broncho.

Ironically, Zaslav noted in April that “TCM is the history of our country” which is contradictory when compared to the current turn of events. Some outlets like Vanity Fair have even gone as far as stating the failure of The Flash at the box office is starting to look like “one of a brand’s entities paying for the sins of another”.

The TCM layoffs have so far led to the exit of VP & general manager, Pola Chagnon, Turner Classic Movies’ long-time senior exec of programming, Charles Tabesh and VP of studio production Anne Wilson are some of the top brass leaders. However, Los Angles Times reports that the director’s involvement may reverse Tabesh’s exit.

After meeting the WBD CEO, Director Scorsese, Spielberg and Anderson have assured “it’s clear that TCM and classic cinema are very important to him [David Zaslav]. Though only time will tell if the channel’s programming will remain untouched.




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