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Seth Rogen gets High & hilariously reacts to watching Cats movie

Cats movie/Universal Pictures

Seth Rogen gets High & hilariously reacts to watching Cats movie

Universal Pictures had a good year in 2019 with some of its genre-defining horror titles like Get Out, Us and Halloween. But the studio didn’t get the chance to end it on a high note after its much more horrifying live-action adaptation of Cats hit theaters in December.

The film directed by Tom Hooper, a musical live-action – quickly became an internet sensation just after releasing its trailer. But nothing could save the film from being hit with fierce negative reviews from critics as well fans which resulted in its mediocre box office run.

Cats is once again starting to pop up on moviegoer’s feed after its recent digital release earlier this week. Universal Pictures has been releasing its latest titles online due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

The best reaction to the Razzie award-winning movie so far certainly goes to actor Seth Rogen, especially for watching it while under the influence.

“I’m pretty stoned and watching Cats,” Rogen first tweeted. “I’ve never seen the broadway show. It is truly trippy. Am I supposed to know what a Jellicle is? They’ve said it 200,000 times but I don’t know what’s happening haha.”

After a couple of hilarious tweets and getting through some parts of the movie, Rogen decided to switch it in middle and watch 90-day Fiance instead. Weirdly enough, the actor even addressed the butthole rumor stating, “Release the Butthole Cut of Cats!!”. You can check out his tweets below.

Meanwhile, a section of moviegoers is fixated over #ReleaseTheButtHoleCut for Cats. Rumors online suggest that the earlier version of the CGI costume from cats also had articulated anuses, as can be seen in certain scenes. But at the moment, it can be only termed as a silly joke that could potentially turn out to be real.

Cats is now available for digital purchase with Blu-ray set to release on April 7.




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