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Shazam 2 director David F. Sandberg pokes fun at DC Film rumors & speculations

Shazam 2 director David F. Sandberg pokes fun at DC Film rumors & speculations

It’s been raining DC Film rumors and speculations all day since James Gunn began mending the existing DCEU to remodel it as a multimedia franchise & Shazam 2 director David F. Sandberg, who seems to have followed some of the ongoing stories related to the Wonder Woman 3 drama and the tittle-tattles centered around the superhero franchise has poked fun at day-to-day development. 

Shazam! Fury of the Gods is one of the few leftover titles from the earlier Walter Hamada-led DC Film franchise and so far, it’s the only feature from the DCEU that has been safe from recent rampant speculations and rumors. Earlier in September, Shazam 2 helmer David F. Sandberg shattered baseless reports stating the second installment was being “retooled” but the director assured fans that the project was picture locked and deep into post-production work (VFX, final mix etc.). 

While the director was only a spectator during this chaotic week of the DCU rumor mill, Sandberg decided to mock the speculative reports from outlets with a sarcastic tweet stating, “I wish there were more articles and discussions about my favorite subject, DC films. Would be fun to hear about rumors, speculations, etc.” readers can check it out below. 

Other DCEU directors such as The Flash’s Andy Muschietti and Aquaman 2’s James Wan have been mum although it’s been told Gunn has provided instructions to the filmmakers since taking up the job at DC Studios. But the same cannot be said of Wonder Woman 3’s Patty Jenkins as the latest reports claimed the helmer refused to even hear out any notes from Gunn or Peter Safran. 

So far, the new heads of DCU have not had any part in the cancelation of DC movies at Warner Bros. Even so, other execs at WB have halted proceeding with recently greenlit projects like Batman Beyond – to allow the duo to first unveil their slate. Shazam 2 drew a lot of eyes when the trailer showcased shots from Snyderverse’s Batman, The Flash and Wonder Woman. Moreover, the Amazonian warrior also has a cameo in the sequel though it is unclear if her appearance still remains in the final cut. 

Shazam 2 also introduces a new roster of villains known as the Daughters of Atlas with Helen Mirren as Hespera, Lucy Liu as Kalypso and Rachel Zegler as Athena. Djimon Hounsou also reprises as the Ancient wizard from the Rock of Eternity. But besides this trio of villains – Billy Batson and his siblings will be faced with more challenges like fighting a dragon. 

Shazam! Fury of the Gods will arrive in theaters on March 17, 2023.




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