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Shazam!: Billy Batson’s Encounter With The Wizard Scene Details Revealed

Still from Shazam teaser

Shazam!: Billy Batson’s Encounter With The Wizard Scene Details Revealed

Shazam! will be Warner Bros. first DC title for 2019 and it looks like the movie has an entirely different tone than the previous DCEU titles. By far, fans have only gotten one teaser trailer and it gives a glimpse of Billy Batson’s journey as a young Orphan and his encounter with the Wizard who grants him with the ability to transform into a superhero by saying Shazam.

Warning: Article contains spoilers to Shazam!’s first act.

Recently, Warner Bros. invited a few journalists to their lot to show off 20 minutes of footage for the first act of Shazam!. was also in attendance and have detailed the entire 20-minute footage in their report which describes the movie/footage as a light-hearted journey.

The 20-minute footage was not in its finished form with incomplete visual effects work and the footage chopped up to preserve a few surprises and spoilers. Nonetheless, Warner Bros. still provided a few interesting scenes such as Batson’s first encounter with the Wizard.

In the scene, Djimon Hounsou is shown wearing an interesting costume and he introduces himself as the last remaining Wizard from the Council of Wizards who possessed tremendous powers.

He is quick to bestow the power of Shazam to Billy Batson as was shown in the teaser. But similar to other DCEU movies, there’s a history lesson as well which Comicbook says may or may not be loaded with a reference to Black Adam along with explaining the mythology behind Shazam’s abilities.

It must be noted that it has been confirmed by Producer Peter Safran that there will be no Black Adam in the movie.

After acquiring the powers of Shazam, Billy runs to his friend Freddy, the superhero expert to figure out their next course of action. The two go on a hysterical trail and error as they discover some of Shazam’s abilities like Lightning bolts, bullet immunity and more.

The movie is also loaded with some Batman and Superman references for the fandom but moviegoers who haven’t been following the DCEU wouldn’t have to worry as these easter egg moments won’t hinder their experience for lacking knowledge of previous DC titles. Head over to Comicbook to read the entire report.

Shazam! hits theaters on April 5.

Source: Comicbook




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