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Shazam! : Derek Theler Is Teasing His Involvement In The Movie

Still from Shazam & Black Adam's Origin- Complete story

Shazam! : Derek Theler Is Teasing His Involvement In The Movie

Shazam! has been quickly moving ahead. With WB/DC giving it a confirmed release date, director David F. Sandberg only has a couple of months before he can finalize all details and start filming.

Going by a series of posts recently, it seems Sandberg may have found his leading man and an official announcement can be expected soon. reported that Sandberg is not the only one who has been posting about the upcoming superhero movie as Theler has been teasing it as well. A Twitter user by the name ReelFada put together a list of social media posts, which hint at the fact that Theler and Sandberg are onto something.

These posts might not mean anything but they are too big of clues to be simply ignored. It all began with an Instagram story that Theler posted recently. In it fans can see an image of his shadow and a lightning bolt superimposed on it.

He seems to be holding something, which looks like a script. This can mean he either recently auditioned for the part or had his first script read with the director for the movie. Other posts put together by the Twitter user sees Theler liking Sandberg’s posts related to Shazam! on Instagram.

If fans were to divert their attention to Theler’s Twitter account, he can be seen following the likes of Dwayne Johnson, his producing partner Hiram Garcia, DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns and many more. Since he has been following a lot of DC-related accounts that has only fuelled the speculations even more.

Leaving aside all the social media posts, the real question is if Theler would look good as the superhero or not? For starters, he has a physique that can match Johnson’s Black Adam for when they collide on-screen.

Additionally, he can also portray the child-like behavior that the hero exhibits given the fact that he is indeed a child who gets powers of six Gods. Finally, by casting someone like Theler in this role will also work in his favor.

This could prove to be his breakthrough role just like how the role of Star-Lord did wonders for Chris Pratt. There will be other benefits for Theler as well. Once he is cast in the role, he will have an opportunity to play the superhero in future DC movies as well.

For instance, if Shazam! proves to be a hit, WB/DC can commission a sequel to it, which can see Theler returning. Apart from that, the hero coul also join the Justice League in the sequel and other potential installments.

Shazam! does not have an official plot but it has been scheduled to release on April 5, 2019.




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