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Shazam!: Director Teases Michael Bay Style Explosions In Film

Shazam from DC Comics

Shazam!: Director Teases Michael Bay Style Explosions In Film

Director David F. Sandberg recently put out a tweet that got all fans hyped up for the upcoming Shazam!. It looks like the DC movie will influence Michael Bay’s style of explosions and it’s indeed something to be excited about.

When practical fx guys ask me what kind of explosion I want and I tell them to “Michael Bay it” they always look so happy,” tweeted Sandberg. You can find the tweet below.

Michael Bay’s movies from the Transformers franchise may have failed to appeal to fans and critics story wise. But the explosions in the movie have always made it a visual treat for the masses.

It may seem like explosions will play a very little part in making Shazam! a visually thrilling experience for the fans. But from what we have seen in the comics and DCAU, Captain Marvel’s shining moment lies in explosive scenes.

The moment when Billy Batson transforms into a superhero by shouting ‘SHAZAM’ would itself be a jaw-dropping sequence to witness if the Practical FX team manages to “Michael Bay it”.

In fact, if the rumors turn out to be true and Henry Cavill cameos as the Man of Steel in Shazam! , there will be a lot of explosions to witness if the two superheroes are shown fighting together.

Shazam! stars Zachary Levi who plays the titular character of Shazam in the solo movie. Young actor Asher Angel plays as Billy Batson who will be shown possessing the magical powers that transform him into the superhero.

Mark Strong is the main antagonist in the movie playing the role of Doctor Sivana. A recent set video also showed the actor portraying the character and fighting Shazam.

Shazam! will hit theatres on April 5th, 2019. Stay tuned to Pursue News for updates related to the movie.

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