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Shazam! – Dr. Sivana Confronting His Family Scene Was Shot During Reshoots

Still from Shazam!/ Warner Bros.

Shazam! – Dr. Sivana Confronting His Family Scene Was Shot During Reshoots

Shazam! is currently being considered as one of the best DC titles under the DC Cinematic Universe. But similar to the past DC movies, it also went through its hurdles and faced criticism when it entered reshoots. Nonetheless, the additional photography didn’t seem to have affected or changed the film’s plot but it did change the setting of an important scene for Dr. Sivana (Mark Strong).

Dr. Sivana’s arc tells the story of a young kid who was a victim to the hatred of his Father and elder brother. Eventually, the scars from the past play a role in leading him down the path of a villain after he’s rejected by the Wizard from being granted the magical abilities of Shazam!. but he also comes to learn of the existence of another dark but magical source which is the Seven Deadly Sins.

In the movie, we see Dr. Sivana’s journey in trying to get back to the lair for the Seven Deadly Sins and also manages to get them. Right after we see the antagonist pay a visit to his father and elder brother at Sivana Industries.

That sequence is when viewers witness Sivana’s full potential and the Seven Deadly Sins in action. but turns out, the filmmakers didn’t shoot the scene in that setting during production.

Talking to Cinema Blend, Shazam! Editor Michel Aller revealed that the scene was originally a Christmas party setting where Sivana goes to confront his family. but it was later “re-conceived” and shot again during reshoots.

It was a later addition. Originally the way Sivana confronts his family was completely different. It was at a Christmas party in his mansion. And so the whole idea of him confronting his family was re-conceived. So that was part of the additional photography,” said Aller.

Shazam! is set during the time of Christmas so the decision to have that scene set around a Christmas party makes sense. but it’s unclear why David F. Sandberg decided to reconceive this setting. In any case, it seems like the end result of that sequence was always the same.

Shazam! is currently in theaters.

Source: Cinema Blend




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