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Shazam!: Ron Cephas Jones Character’s Name Is Not ‘The Wizard’

Still of Wizard from Shazam! DC Comics

Shazam!: Ron Cephas Jones Character’s Name Is Not ‘The Wizard’

Earlier last week, it was announced that This Is Us actor Ron Cephas Jones was in talks to take on the role of the Wizard in DC’s Shazam!. The casting news was received well by fans but it seems like there’s an error that has left some annoyed in the community.

In the exclusive report from The Wrap, it was stated clearly that the Wizard is the character that bestows his magical powers down to young Billy Batson to be played by Asher Angel. By shouting out the word “SHAZAM!”, he can then transform into the adult size superhero which will be played by Zachary Levi.

While this is true, if Jones’ goes on to play the role, his character won’t be called as the Wizard in the movie. In fact, he will be known as Shazam!.  Bear with us while we explain.

As the director of the DC film recently clarified on Twitter, “The wizard is named Shazam in the movie, I just think they’re trying to avoid confusion in news/articles,” tweeted David F. Sandberg. Fans can check out the tweet below.

In the DC Universe, The Wizard also shares the name of Shazam. In fact, he is also introduced as the ancient Egyptian wizard known as Shazam. He has been using his powers to fight forces of evil for many centuries but in his old age, he decides it is time his abilities are passed on.

The right term to use would be ‘The wizard Shazam’ in the upcoming film. Perhaps, the movie would do well to explain that the wise old character is the first Shazam in the DC Universe. He is also the person responsible for giving powers to Black Adam which will be played by Dwayne Johnson.

Shazam! is believed to be currently in production and has been slated for 2019 release on April 19th.

Source: David F. Sandberg




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